T.I. Gets Sappy In Birthday Message to Tiny

ti tiny birthday message

T.I. put the drama and divorce proceedings aside to wish Tiny a happy birthday. In the long IG message, T.I. talks about the ups and downs of their relationship, and again, he calls Tiny his “best friend.”

He also said their marriage has been able to “supersede fidelity.” LOL



  1. I’m so confused. I don’t know if he Love her and want her or if he happier as friends. I hope they make it cause they got 19,000 to raise and they need both parents in the home. No need to add more step parents to an already blended family.

    • I am confused too. But it sounds to me like he just friend zoned her lol. He should have just said Happy Birthday and left it at that. It’s obvious he likes to hear himself talk.

  2. Why do people out all their personal business on Social Media??? Then they have the nerves to get angry when someone calls them out on their BS.. He could have picked up the telephone and call her. Tiny held him down during his jail terms, but she’s his best friend….SMDH

  3. He said “one of the best friends” not even the best frind. Lol.

  4. I know that message was low key disrespectful, prob would’ve made me spin out of control on my birthday. But Maybe cause she know him, she understand what he trying to say, idk!!! After reading that Tiny need to make Tip understand she’s #1 or nothing at all.

    • She tried that but it didn’t work. Time for her to step and never look back. >>>>>

  5. I’m with Crazy Chris. These two will never completely break up. I’m not even sure they will go through with the divorce.

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