Come See the Leaked Footage of Kim K Getting High!

    kim k smoking weed

    Someone (Kris Jenner?) has just leaked additional footage from Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s infamous 2003 Cabo vacation.

    This is the same vacation where they filmed that wack home video that turned them into millionaires.

    In the additional footage, Kim is getting high with Ray J in their hotel suite. It’s interesting timing considering Kim was just called out for snorting cocaine and claimed she would NEVER do drugs.

    In another video, they’re openly groping each other in front of a packed restaurant.

    Check out the videos here and here.

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    1. I doubt Kris would have leaked this. It has to be someone that wanted to dispute her declarations of not doing drugs. We already know what she is and tapes are not needed to confirm it.

    2. She rolling with Ray Jay she definitely was powder her nose. He only rolls with pal who do what he does. I don’t know if she still does it but seriously I am not surprised.

    3. What a cowinkydink! Beyonce posts pics of her twins and out of nowhere, a video of Kim snorting cocaine goes viral. What are the odds? These people are pathetic!!!

      • @Mystique…Yeah, I noticed that too. And after the Kanye breakdown, I knew it was only a matter of time. IMHO..This is no coincidence at all.

    4. Ray j was pimping out Whitney and Bobbi k no telling who else he was pimping out to support his habit since he ain’t nirhi t but a drug dealer because he can’t sell records

    5. Guess LAME-R wasn’t the only one in the family with a taste for nose candy… khlogre prob was too..

    6. Does that family get money if we click on a story here cause I don’t wanna support them in any way!

    7. Why am I not surprised at this? This succubus always got something going up one of her many orifices (usually Black dick 90% of the time).

    8. We all know this whole family are lying, scheming, narcissistic, whoring, culture stealing b*tches..
      Kris taught them how to do it because she’s a big whorer herself.. She has to rent a man to fool herself that she’s desirable.. SMDH They are all a family of plastic surgery build a whorer and they prey on weak arse Black men.. Scott is the only one that does whatever he wants.. Kourtney is awaiting him to die from his habits, to inherit his parents money and that Hampton property and other real estate they owned.. They are a pack of witches, I wouldn’t put nothing pass them at all..
      These whorers are considered socialites by the white media and these dumb Negros that date them thinking they have a prize. The prize in a Cracker Jack box is better than them. Kayne actually thinks he married someone of character..That dummy wrote the song and now he’s living the life, when his boyfriend is not around..RayJ keep releasing tape of this dime whorer…

    9. Ray j need his ass wooped telling us he had her first arguing over this whore and black men bowing down before these rich biracial whores they’re just rich whores with money that’s all

      Kylie wanna be black girl ass had surgery like khloe had surgery and she wants to do a wright loss show all she gotta pay for their surgery guess she too concerned about what black.dick she gonna suck next

      Kendall and Kylie shared some of the same dicks kourtney fucked two jacksons after Kim did

      Rob just a loser whis rich no wonder all his past girlfriends didn’t stay with him long he’s a simp and s DL homo

      Lamar prefers trannies, that’s why mist black.dudes like white girls they like to use strap ons knowing a sister will.clown.them but these days white boysnpay black women to fuck them with strap ons

    10. Bruce 75 year old tranny ass can finally live his life like a bitch and suck all the black dickbnow and be at peace

      Rumors going round saying he used to sick.oj dick after he fucked kris

      • WTF are you talking about?

        I hate all the people you mentioned, but she was married to rob when she was “friends” with ho j. Let her lying ass tell it, she no longer associated w/ him after the murders.

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