Kim Kardashian’s Cocaine Use Exposed?

kim kardashian cocaine

Kim Kardashian posted a snap and her followers were quick to point out what looked to be two lines of cocaine on her back table.

When Kim heard about the allegations, she shut down the booger sugar rumors with the quickness!

But then she switched up her story and said it wasn’t candy afterall, it was just the marble on the table.

What do you think? Coke, candy, or marble?


  1. Please, them white build-a-whores love nothing more than some fresh cocaine. Half them hoes cant live without the shit. Lets not forget they whore mama sniffin coke up and down beverly hills back in the day & u already know khloe a coke whore plus the two young build-a-whores. Kourtney be looking hifh as fuck sometimes too. So goone with the bullshit..just like whe they got gigi hadid sniffing coke at a work event. White whores love coke.

    • Every female celeb does coke. It’s how they keep the weight down.

      Blow and cigs. Have you ever seen an actress or model who doesn’t smoke? They all do.

      And Khloe lost all that weight due to her extreme use of it.

  2. Television and internet media report everything this fake ass white bitch does. How come nobody reports the rumor that Ray J pissed on her? That is what I want to know.

  3. White man’s trash equals black people’s treasure. That is what the Kardashians are.

    • Black people, specifically black men need to stop playing with trash and start working hard to accumulate treasure. The biggest treasure a black man can have is an educated, God fearing, beautiful black woman.

  4. RIP as Rick James have said, cocaine is a hell of a drug.. They all do Coke so they don’t get hungry.
    That family is plastic surgery build a whorer, they are not socialites as the blogs reports..They are stinky white trash with money.

  5. I’m no kim k fan, but I believe her. Even when the truth is presented, some people prefer to believe the lie because it’s much more enticing than the truth. Black folk steady yellin’ stay woke but don’t even know how to differentiate between a lie and the truth. We need to stop always believing the worst!

  6. Cocaine would explain there desperation for fame. Then the fact that she went as far as having a X-ray to prove her fake butt was real shows us the extent she will go to lie.

    She sounds sincere and she look healthy soooo!!! Idk hopefully she telling the truth.


  7. While its the marble on the table I think she did it on purpose for attention. just because you have kids doesn’t mean you don’t partake in the snow. If that’s the case the world would be a different place

  8. She seemed a bit surprised, herself that it was still there… That dumb h0e playin… Why didn’t she zoom closeup on it??? LOL She was probably surprised that big foot hadn’t stumbled upon it and slurped it up while she was gone.

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