Joseline Gets Freaky With New Boo on Instagram Live!

joseline hernandez new boyfriend

It looks like Joseline Hernandez is over Stevie J (for now). The reality TV star went live on Instagram and filmed herself tonguing her new man down while all of her followers watched in horror!

#PressPlay: So does #Joseline have a new boo ? What's tea sis?!!! Via: @lovehiphopatl6

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  1. Just spreading diseases from one person to another. This trick is sick and thinks she’s a movie star..

    • First off she ain’t black!!!!

      And secondly if those stats were legit and they are NOT, who would expose them to it? Black Men you fuck rag!!!!!

      • Lol, right. I went to college and I remember white girls sharing Berle medication like it was a aspirin.

      • Oh she’s black alright….mother and father are black. The only difference is that she speaks bad English and Spanish

      • Oh by the way Joseline acknowledge she’s black. You need to do some traveling . Most Puerto Africans, Cubans, Brazilians, Dominicans etc are black but speak Spanish. You big dumby

        • STFU…that BITCH IS NOT BLACK…you can claim it all you want, but any bitch who has such hate for REAL BW can keep calling itself whatever the fuck she does, which IS NOT BLACK!

    • So the CDC must also be correct when they published the report that 50% of black men have HIV? You can’t say it’s just gay and bisexual black males seeing as just about all of yall are gunning for white dick anyway!

      • The cdc is incorrect about many things including reports concerning black men and hiv. If it was true, it’s by design. We all know hiv is man made.
        The cdc is full of shit, Their always trying to make it appear like blacks are doing the most fucking which is a lie.
        Since there are mostly white gay men in America (since its their culture) how the fuck is it that 50% black men are hiv? Ill answer my own question . Because half of white gay men can afford to keep their shit anonymous and go to regular doctors….The cdc are always going to make it appear like black people are the highest of everything negative….don’t believe the hype….They make up diseases to depopulate blacks and aids is one of them.

  2. Dude must either don’t give a frick or he thinks that chlorinated water is going to kill potential probable STDs

  3. Thats a lie troll because 80% of whites period have herpes so cut it out. Another thingi f black women has herpes they’d got from the stupid black men that screwed the white woman.

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