French Montana Shoots His Shot at Khloe?

french montana khloe kardshian tristan thompson

As news broke that Khloe Kardashian was being cheated on by her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, her ex-boyfriend, the newly single French Montana, decided it was time to shoot his shot!


  1. she already had the baby and this “cheating” scandal is staged for their tv show. totally fake.

  2. Who knows this could be Kris Jenner doing damage control timing is everything to these people funny how all of this comes out and to day khole has her baby but congrats.

  3. Puh-leeze!!

    No man of substance is checking for Khlogre.

    She is on the verge of a PR/Plastic surgery melt down.

    Chewy never was pregnant and her “relationship” with F-ckboi extroidanaire Triscuit was a booty call gone wrong.

    Stay thirsty, Khlobear.

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