Snoop Dogg Does What Trans Couldn’t… Catch Up with Bobby V!

Earlier this month rapper Snoop Dogg reached out to R&B singer Bobby V after Bobby was caught running from the apartment of an Atlanta based transsexual pr*stitute.

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Unlike that Trans, it looks like Uncle Snoop is finally catching up with Bobby V…


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  1. Snoop tryin to show this youngsta how to do thangs right.

    How to get the baddest trannies and keep em quiet.

    In a haze of weed smoke im sure snoop has put his “fireman’s helmet” in a few buttholes lol

  2. All jokes aside that’s some real g shit to still embrace bobby v.

    Most ppl r weak and feeble minded and would run from bobby. Sheep.

    100 snoopy

  3. You got these white dumb ass racists trying to start a damn civil war in 2017 and you got North Korea wanting to turn America into a walking dead episode but snoop dog lion over here still talking about Bobby Valentino’s gay ass like damn so what it’s over and done with wtf I’m starting to think snoop was catching feelings for this nigga

  4. Black men in Hollywood have taken on the salacious and abominable activities that white men engage in such as: orgies, fucking animals, trannies, children, etc. Hollywood is no place for black people. Especially black men because they are weak minded and allow white people to twist their minds all up!

  5. Snoop???? lol I m guessing he must really know him cause why else would he get caught on camera with him? Lol snoop told him to slow down on repin the City ?????? another L for Bobby

  6. Um…doesn’t Snoop rock Lee Press On Nails, tho? How much “manly” advice can he give?

  7. Fuck snoop now he making a gospel album what he gonna do crip walk in Jesus name

    Jesus gonna ride to earth in the mother ship with George Clinton and bootsy this time

  8. @Yep… Black men (my forefathers) invented: the wheel, time perception, space travel, language, math, science… So does that make white men even weaker minded? woman even weaker minded? go get a real education…

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