Offensive African American Blogger Tommy Sotomayor Attacked In Harlem New York

Jump to around the 55:00 mark to see the defense of Nubian Queen! The setup starts earlier at the 48:00 mark.

Tommy called 911 after the confrontation… also caught on tape (below)!


  1. Lmmfao…that’s what his black ass get, now his bitch ass is scared ?. One on one, nigga you insulted multiple women so you should get your ass whooped by multiple niggas?

  2. All kinda sistas gon get they laugh on…..

    It still doesn’t refute or dilute what tommy says about the mentality of most blk women.

    Tommy has yall in the palm of his hand. Whoever attacked him looks just like the “niggly bears” tommy’s always talking about.

    When the intellectual bank is empty niggas start swingin lmao.

    • Yep it’s just like when police brutalize and kill black males well guess what some of them deserved it the same logic as you have defending this closeted gay self hating dark skin black male.

      You sound think you’re cute riding for Miss Tommy? No white man no white woman is going to come rescue your black ass the only one who gives a damn about your black ass as a black woman but you knuckleheads are so stupid you don’t even see that.

      White women don’t give a shit about black males neither do white men so what else you got?

      • White ‘wimen’ care about the rich black man’s bank balance though. Glad Uncle Tommy Sodomiser got popped though.

    • No he has your dumb ass in his hand, BITCH!

      Who the fuck but a tomofawhore would know what he calls people…just outing your own stupid ass, like the coon fool you are…smfh.

      He is lucky he just got his ass whooped, because if this was an intellectually bankrupt white boy he would have been flattened out and backed over on the highway, fucktard.

    • I abhor unnecessary violence of any form but he lacks accountability. I find it ironic he is a multiple children with multiple women. And majority of the things he complains about he is guilty of and makes excuses for it.

    • Tommy is a god. If black women would listen to him and fix what can be fixed, then somebody might want to claim they ass finally.

      If you take the time to read his youTube comments, you will see that 90% of the black men agree with him. It is just the hair hats that despise him. And all they do is make him more popular. But slowly, woman are coming over to his side, and it’s just the truly rachet women who continue to threaten and harass him.

      • You and anyone who would buy into some coon talking about I hope the police kill all of them shit, have mental defects.

        I know you do, night time troll all you do is sneak in late night waiting to find a friend on these boards.

        Find something constructive to do other than praising a clown and feeding to the kkk hype (your post on the gotti thread).

    • The bw he speaks of r not most just the ones he choose to focus on like his mom and aunts.

  3. Blacks ain’t shit. Get over it

    Blks are cursed.

    U using big words like “accountability” to seperate and come off as a “higher” black. U probably a focused fat girl.

    This message is for u anonymous.

    • Meanwhile in the privacy of your own home, your holding your jacking your tiny pecker while watching black men destroy your white Women pussy. Don’t you wish you had a big black dick? You mad because your inadequate?

    • LMAO…stop looking in the mirror bitch.

      All you are is a self-hating coon you are not worth the shit berries on a baboons ass, but your face is just as busted….that is why you talk shit on here, because people can’t stand to be around you, loser.

    • It’s ironic how you chose to reply to a post in such an emotional way. I guess my initial post hits a little to close to home for you huh? No sensible man who have such an irrational and effeminate response.

      Perhaps you are an irresponsible stereotypical black self-hating male, a racist white coward, or a attentioning seeking troll.

      Accountability has absolutely nothing to do with race, ethnicity, or creed. It has everything to do with the mentality and decisions all human beings make.

      Only self-hating people and racist neo-nazis accuse people of being higher than others. It simply is right vs wrong. Unless you suffer from mental illness, development impairment, or tbi we all have the same brain. It just how we chose to use it.

      By the way dear Noobie I am not fat, obese, or overweight as you so hope to attempt to make my initial post invalid. I’m actually the type of Black Woman Tommy and men like you believe doesn’t exist.

  4. Yeah get that uncle ruckus asshole. Fuck his ass up. It’s always the darkest black men who’s racist against his own women.

  5. and he still is calling the woman a B as he mentions the video. So disrespectful. This looked like a high school hallway full of loud talking teenagers ready to throw down.

  6. Nubian queen? That fat ass tat covered bitch? And just look how she act.

    And those of you who accuse Tommy of being a coon or an Uncle Ruckus don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. Tommy is all about the black man and his rights and superiority. He HATES white men. But you would know that if you ever actually listened to him. He is hard on women because they need it. Black women are a mess now and you know it. He wants us to do better!
    And he says that no one is more appealing than a natural black woman. He just detests all the fakery and bad hood behavior. What’s wrong with that? And if what he says don’t apply to you, then you shouldn’t care.

  7. Ive seen white girls act worse than the black ones TS talk about. They do it all the time where I live in Santa Barbara.

  8. ooooh so now all the sudden he’s with a black woman well you never hear him revere that. he only reveres positive qualities about nonblack women.

  9. Just Thinking Out Loud

    And where tha fuck do u think they got that from?

    Listening to rap and letting blacks’ ghetto culture infleunce them.

    They think being irrational and quick tempered is being strong…

    Just like stupid ass niggas.

    • LMAO…they originated from CAVES you DUMB BITCH!

      What makes you think all cave beast have morals and values, have you been to a trailer park? It is no different than the gutter you live in…

      • It’s not where you originated that matters.

        It’s what you do in the here and now that is the true test of character.

        • Stop speaking on shit you were not a part of…there was a reason why this was said you have no understanding of DUMB BITCH, so FUCK OFF!

    • I swear people like you need to wiped off the face of the earth due to pure stupidity alone.

  10. Anonymous

    I wish you would shut your trap you african bat.

    The USA would be better off without blacks.

    I know young black children already cussin n fuckin because their stupid ass parents don’t know how to filter the internet.

    • I’m not African but again nice try at deflecting. You must be a delusional alt-right ninny, but you are pathetically entertaining.

      You are on an Urban Website about Black Pop Culture and Entertainment, complaining people you hate and deem worthless. Yet you are here communicating with Blacks.

      If Blacks left America as you put it then everything that Blacks have created, or influenced since the founding of America should be returned. You and I can both agree America wealth and industry was built on the backs of Black slaves, theft and heinous crimes by Europeans, and the subjugation, and genocide of the Native Americans. That also means you are willing to return all the things stolen during Europeans global “colonization” correct? Oh how soon we forget history.

      So you know damaged Black children with irresponsible and sub par parents. Yeah I’m sure we have all encountered damaged children across the racial divide. You being one of them should know what it’s like. Filtering the internet will not stop children from cursing that’s a learned behavior from parents and adults around the child/children.

      If you know children who are engaging in sex at such a tender age and you haven’t notified the police, DFS etc., then you are just as guilty as the disgusting parent/parents or are you sadistic pedophile?

      Again why are you having an emotional response and fake concern about children of a race you claim to hate? Wow for someone who hates your mind is awfully consumed with Blacks? Most people who hate things don’t associate with what they detest

      • He/she/it is not white.

        It is either a self-hating coon or a beaner spic. Given some of the lingo it uses, I am thinking the former, but since everyone is trying to be us these days, I could be wrong.

  11. Finally, a coon gets his ass kicked. Here is my list of five coons who need to get smacked across the face with a tire iron.

    1. Charles Barkley

    2. Stephen A Smith

    3. Halle Berry

    4. Condoleeza Rice

    5. Steve Harvey

  12. Anonymous
    I don’t like you.

    Why don’t you subjugate yourself to my groin area?

    I know you are a fat woman. How fat though is the question?

    • You don’t like any woman you snaggle-tooth pea-brain fag…lol.

      The only reason you don’t like someone who is right is because you are a mental midget, who has nothing of substance to say.

      Now go back to sucking on your cow of a mother’s teat, maybe that will keep you quiet.

    • You aren’t obligated to like me, but you continue to prove me correct about your ignorance. You can’t stay on topic and reply logically. I wouldn’t touch you if my life depended on it. I do love your schoolyard tactics, you are hilarious. My BMI is 20 which is very healthy, the only stereotype is you dear! Again your effeminate emotions give you away every time.

  13. Anonymous

    Wit yo fuckin norbit – sherman klump cousin on his daddy side. You know u are a big (blimp)woman.

    Talking about your b.m.i – bring more icecream!

    Ha ha ha

    • That’s the best you’ve got. Not a vampire but a Digital Forensics nerd capable of legally finding info about anyone. (Even anonymous internet trolls). I know what you look like Noobie. So please continue entertaining me!

  14. Say what you want about Tommy but that dude definitely stirs the drink, you know what I’m saying? If you know who he is odds are you have a very polarized opinion of him, and go back to that Howard Stern movie private parts where the radio execs talk about how haters listen more-often/longer than actual fans because they wanna see what crazy [bull]shit he’s gonna say next!

    Regardless of the whole “love and hate– same emotion different weight” deal you gotta give Tommy some credit for working his troll game to such an extent where most people feel strongly about him one way or another… At the end of the day it’s better to “matter” to people– even if it’s 100% haterade thirst quencher– than just being some 98%-forgettable dude who does a lot of video podcasts from his house every day…. Look at all the shit he stirred up here via his reputation preceding him!! No wonder dude has/had a GoFundMe eh?

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