Evelyn Lozada Says She’s Keeping that $1.4 Mil Engagement Ring Carl Gave Her!

No surprises here…

Evelyn Lozada and Carl Crawford’s engagement has been called off, but don’t think that’s cause enough for Evelyn to give back that 14.5 carat diamond engagement ring she got out of the deal.

The ex-MLB superstar — who once signed a $142 MILLION contract — proposed to the “Basketball Wives” star with the $1.4 million ring back in 2013. Evelyn said, “Yes.”

The two were set to get married 3 weeks ago — but Evelyn pulled the plug after getting suspicious about Carl’s fidelity. Legally, Lozada is obligated to give the ring back — since an engagement ring is considered a conditional gift in California, the condition being she has to get married.


  1. She is supposed to give the ring back.

    It’s tradition.

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  8. That ring is like money in the bank to keep her from being homeless. She knows it and he knows it.

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    I’m not a hater by far. In a matter of fact I had the same gold digging mentality because of how bless I am and still is today. The difference is I gave a fuck about other women. Lozada was well aware that this man was already involve with another woman. In a matter of fact the other woman was on her second pregnancy when lozada was pregnant with his child. Lozada is a very shady bitch and dose other women dirty. I don’t see how Tammy can fuck with her and that’s why I hate this broad. She should know by now that what goes around comes around. You can’t expect to do other women dirty and don’t expect the same to be done to you.

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