Usher Using Wife As Alibi For Hotel S*x Denial

Usher says there’s no way he went to a Days Inn to hook up with the Quantasia Sharpton, one of the woman suing him … because he was too busy falling in love with the woman who’s now his wife.

Sources close to the singer say … he says there was never a hotel hookup with Quantasia Sharpton, telling friends, in November 2014 he was on the verge of getting engaged to Grace Miguel.

Usher tells them at the time of his alleged encounter, Grace was his manager and they spent ALL their free time together. His people say when the two weren’t enjoying free time, it was all business, and they were inseparable. The couple got engaged less than 2 months after the alleged Days Inn tryst.

Usher’s people also say on the night in question his show ran late, which pushed the meet-and-greet well after midnight … and that flies in the face with Quantasia’s timeline in which she claims she hooked up with the singer around 12.


  1. Forget this what up with the man. I want to hear about the man with herpes.

  2. He stay denying sleeping with this girl but he ain’t saying shit about herpes. Usher is looking stupid as hell right now and um ok mfs be in so called love and shit and still cheat so… He needs a new lawyer or something.

  3. The fact that he still talking about it and has an addressed in court makes him look guilty as Finn. Like I swear I’m telling the truth why don’t you believe me? LMAO should have kept his mama on the payroll…

  4. Nasty ass Usher spreading the herp! Ugh I hope they all sue his ass down to the bare nub.

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