WTF?? K. Michelle Planning Second Child While Not Even Caring for Her First….

Reality television star, K. Michelle, took to social media to announce her plan to give birth via surrogate… K. Michelle already has one son, Chase Bowman, who lives with her mother.

“I popped up at this store to shop for babies that aren’t even here! Only me!” she wrote in the caption. “After the doctor confirmed everything was good to proceed with the surrogate process, y’all know me I get to it!”

This does not sound like the mindset of someone who takes bringing life into the world as a serious matter…


  1. Despicable!

    Give the child you have all of you for once! He might silently yearn for you, but one day he’ll verbally chastise you for not being what he needed in his youth.

    Especially, after seeing you fawn over his future siblings.

  2. The children grow up and will not understand when the parent tells them, “I did it all for you”.
    Careers and success often get in the way of parenthood.

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