Irv Gotti Links Racial Tension to Kylie Jenner

Irv Gotti has discovered why white people are so angry in the world, and it all has to do with Kylie Jenner.

irv gotti

Irv stuck his foot in his mouth when he linked the Kardashian-Jenner family to the deadly Charlottesville, VA Nazi rally. In his lengthy Instagram post, the Murda Inc CEO says he thinks whites are mad because white girls want to date rappers.



  1. that’s some true shit tho. i really don’t kno why people trip so much over white women. i mean they have a whole channel dedicated to how crazy they are…Lifetime.

    • Some of those lifetime movies are good though, shid!

      As far as what Irv Gotti said, he’s misinformed. He needs to go beyond the surface and realize that white peoples anger have nothing to do with the build a body kardashians and their dusty men.

  2. His ‘idols’ are doing NOTHING to end white supremacy and to say they are is his ignorant opinion.

  3. There are white female Nazis too. Not every white woman wants a black man rapper or not. Get over yourselves, black Rap dudes. And last I heard the beat rapper since pac and biggie has been Eminem. Lol.

    • And every black man does not want a cave beast.

      That shit abt m&m is a lie…he might be an ok lyricist, but MC he is NOT!

    • And now after Eminem that white/ish dude logic has some super legit skill… idk if he counts as a white rapper or a black rapper, but if dude ever had anything to say/rap-about he’d be deadly (as opposed to some level of corny =)

      I only discovered him ~2 days ago and started listening to his old/est shit (like I do with every new-to-me rapper I discover; I wanna hear how/what they do b4 they’re tainted by success) I guess his latest LP is all about being multi-racial or something? Some ppl really don’t like him going on and on and on about his multi/racial status, and overall from listening to a bunch of his shit I’d say thst it the dude ever had anything to say/rap-about he’d be deadly cuz his skill is legit undeniable.

      Honestly dude raps like a super-backpacker on some ol 90s underground/ish shit (and his producer 6ix definitely helps thst vibe/aesthetic) so uhh I guess I’d say a potential post-emimem GOAT is white/ish too? Alls i know is that cut “white Jesus” is some nice shit.

  4. Lol. Kylie Jenner arguable the baddest??? Maybe the most famous, but the baddest? Take off all the make up, glitz and glamour and the average female working at Jack N the Box look better than all these celebrities.

  5. Well finally someone said it. Most black men want Kylie and Kim over all other women. Of any race.

    I already posted here that Samuel Jackson said that he would give his multi-million dollar fee for making a movie just to fuck Kim once. Yet the women on this site insist they are ugly she beasts who have been run through and are unwanted.
    Now you see what average men are thinking. and obviously there are men who don’t want them. But the average dude wants them bad.

    • Men will fuck damn near anything so the fact that some may want them is not some revelation…they are hideous cave beasts…w/o plastic surgery they would be k-him would be average and the rest would be way below average and the same amount of men would still want to fuck them…they are NOT special, just shoved in our face by their pimp…I mean mother…no I mean pimp.

  6. How can a Neanderthal that catches fleas/lice be the “hottest chick on the planet”??

  7. Where the fuck is the post about 33 people being shot and 9 people killed in Chicago this past weekend? Huh? Why is that different from what’s going on in charlotsville? Is it because it’s black on black crime?

    Fuck an irv gotti and his dumb ass logic. He’s part of the reason why the black race is so fucked up. Always uplifting these white women instead of focusing on the real issues.

    • When we talk about blk on blk one thing you all need to remember there is a silent genocide going on here.

      Know those kids get guns through them being infiltrated through the hood… I live in LA and they used to leave vans filled with guns in the hood knowing people would take them…and I have heard similar stories about Chicago.

      There were also undercovers starting a lot of the so-called gang violence…what they were trying to do was take us out so they could retake over the land in the hood to build transit etc…because south la & south central are prime areas that connect la to other prime areas so don’t let these fuckers fool you into thinking we are the problem. Shit is deeper than that.

      Keeping a people in the conditions many of us are in, stripping us of everything while giving no way out and continuously stirring the shit on all sides is what they do and will continue to do until we all WAKE UP and start caring about more than ourselves.

      These kids can’t see past their circumstances and get caught up, but we need to figure out ways to reclaim these broken young people and provide them opportunity and call out tptb on everything they have done/ are still doing…marching is dead it is time for ACTION!

      • I don;t believe your story about a van full of guns left in the hood.

        But even if it is true, where is the personal responsibility? Who or what made a gang member form Chicago say, “I live to kill niggaz” on the National Geographic show “Drugs Inc.?”

        At some point young black men have to say, why do I want to kill my brothers?
        Genocide is one ethnic group eliminating another. that’s not what is happening.
        Blacks aren’t killing whites or Asians. They are killing each other in massive numbers.
        That’s why white people are skeptical about Black Lives Matter. They think that Black lives only matter when a white cop is doing the killing.

        • I don’t give a shit what you believe.

          There is plenty of evidence out there to show what the elites are doing to get rid of blacks…like I said they cause many of the issues in the community with undercover agents.

          I am not here to school ignorant bitches that run off at the mouth, but don’t take time to know what is really going on in the world.

          If you get your stupid ass off of gossip sites for a minute and pick up a fucking book maybe you could actually learn something.

          • I’m pretty sure that elites don’t just wanna get rid of blacks…. Also whites, Indians, Chinese, etc… With the planet’s population at 7 billion and rising you figure the general idea is something like “hey what if the planet starts running out of resources? We’re gonna need to cull the herd so that way all of our money + power can keep our bloodlines+friends+people fed for generations to come”

            That Georgia guidestones monument talked about a worldwide population of ~500mil “living in harmony with the earth” or something, and if you look into the eugenics movement its the same general idea that Phil Collins crooned about in land of confusion (“there’s too many men / too many people making too many problems / and not much love to to around / can’t you see this is the land of confusion?”) — what’s the point of having all the money and all the power if there’s not enough food + water + oil (and now prolly lithium, the stuff used for all the batteries in our phones/tablets/electronics…. You know Afghanistan supposedly had 1tril worth of unmined lithium around the turn of the century/millennium riiiiiight? #PNAC >=)

            AHEM. Yeah I’m a long winded mofo but basically alls I’m trying to say that overall population reduction “helped along” by the elite isn’t exclusively a black or white thing….. In this case we’re all in this one together like Michael Jackson told us back in the early 90s (plus “all I really know is that they don’t even care about us” too =)

            • No one is reading that shit…you jumped in a convo and didn’t bother seeing how it originated.

              No one said only asshole…so fuck off.

        • And I bet you don’t believe the US drops off guns to countries to start conflict either or funds those conflicts…you are a stupid ass bitch.

    • Mystique This is a gossip and entertainment site. It was never billed as a social justice site.

      There are lots of good sites for socio-political conversations.

    • That’s all 50 cents do is run his mouth….How can you lose 400 million $$$$$ that’s the question 4 bits needs to answer… just tell me how?????

  8. ALSO I just wanna say that irv’s theory on “make America great again” is some bullshit opinion…. Seriously, proper racist/types are just gonna call a white chick who rides the darker end of the c0ck carousel a “coalburner” and mutter something about “burn the coal / pay the toll” and then go back to dreaming about some idyllic nat’l-socialist chick who wants to do the whole pregnant and barefoot deal while doting on her strong alpha husband and rah rah rah / blah blah blah…. Irv’s just flattering himself by thinking that black culture winning the mind/body/soul of young/er white chicks en masse is the true impetus behind “make America great again” — which, IMO, has a way broader/more-generalized appeal to people who think everything’s shit so they’d better fix it all by electing a new president???! Lol

    The president is the hood ornament on the car that’s about to run you over— there’s a lot of working/moving parts, you know what I’m saying??

    So while I don’t doubt that irv’s touched on an overall sentiment that some solid %age of white ppl would love to see come to fruition (black culture becoming less cool so, one way or another, [lame] white ppl can feel better about themselves) to say it’s the core issue behind MAGA is just…. “With all that rah rah rah you’re just playin yourself” – Jeru

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