Sanaa Lathan Addresses #WhoBitBeyonce

sanaa lathan who bit beyonce

Sanaa Lathan appeared on The Talk and was asked how it felt after the entire world accused her of biting Beyoncé at an industry party.

Even though Tiffany Haddish has confirmed it was Sanaa, and Bey’s stepdad, Richard Lawson, said the rumors were untrue, who do you really believe?


  1. When you dont get the buzz that you want…redirect by denial.


  2. They should have asked Sanaa about the other scandal; you know the one involving Denzel.

  3. This is considered breaking news to yall?

    Somebody dared to touch the almighty Beyonce!

    All hail Bey! All hail Bey! With a mean mugging camel in the background…..

  4. One question, what if she did do it and who GAF. Why is this a discussion. Bey don’t care. Everyone has moved on and every other week this crap comes up.

  5. How is the rumored child she supposedly has with one of America’s favorite actors doing? No pics?

  6. Sanaa didn’t deny the scandal. The word no did not come out of her mouth. That tells you that she really did bite Beyonce.

  7. Funny how the biting incident was focused on more than the fact they both said Sanaa was high AF on drugs lol….she’s a Coke head but that part is cool cause everyone is on dugs in Hollyweird ?????….just like I planned…sell your soul and all bets are off…..SMFH!

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