Keyshia Cole Is Pregnant By Her Rapper Bae?


    keyshia cole pregnant rapper boyfriend

    Judging by Keyshia Cole’s latest Instagram post, it appears that the singer is knocked up by her boyfriend, 22-year-old rapper, Niko Khalé.

    jus livin our best lives

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    He and the 36-year-old singer have been dating since February 2018.

    Congrats?…Or is Keyshia just looking for attention?


    1. Keyshia been taking L’s from left and right ever since Birdman and Lil Bow Wow ?? Now she letting a broke nigga that CANT AFFORD a marriage certificate end her career⁉️ anyway in other #FoxNews: AZEALIA BANKS IS ABOUT TO CRISCO FRY NICKI MINAJ LIKE A PIECE OF ESCABECHE ?

      • Anyone who belives a 22 yr old wants a kid is fucking stupid im sorry. Not even the maturest 22 yr old woman wants a baby let alone a thug. This is an L and your comment as well.

        • Hey there’s a REASON for everything though. This might really be Keyshia’s answer after all these years AND he’s a Libra just like her . . .

        • Keyshia is stupid she not she won’t lest with niko I bet she not into guy like that any more she all about dj and her music that all

    2. Keisha Cole is just a sad and pathetic case… A ratchet who just can’t get it right, but then again; is anyone surprised? She’s just a hoodrat who had amazing chances to become a success, and ultimately blew it. Keisha Cole used to make some great jamz, and she had the right type of image going on for a while. But here whole family drama BS took her down a peg.

    3. Please believe it ladies…you go one or two years without dick OR keep taking L’s you WILL be sleeping with the first thing that comes your way Married or not……Look at Pepa….YOU KNOW IT BE TRUE!!! Just keeping it real lol

    4. I won’t to talk to all the ladies do you thank keyshia cole is really orangey let me know and send me your reply ok 50.00 buck you thank she is talking out her mouth


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