Joseline Hernandez Drags Nicki Minaj: ‘You Know What You Did!’

joseline hernandez nicki minaj

Joseline Hernandez and Nicki Minaj appeared to be friends at one point, but their friendship is officially over! The Puerto Rican Princess went buck wild on the “Chun-Li” rapper in a tweet.

joseline hernandez nicki minaj 1

joseline hernandez nicki minaj 2


  1. For all of the literate people out there who came to read this article… SPOILER ALERT: “just” translates to “USED”… Be forewarned, so you don’t bang your head against a wall trying to decipher that hooked-on-phonics bullshit.

  2. #WhenEyelashesGoWrong…
    I cant, I just cant lol
    Why you do that Tea Tea??? In my best Joseline voice ?

    Y’all wrong for that pic smh.

  3. Too late Joseline. Cardi b done took the tv thot slot and made it to number one. Your time has come and gone. Furthermore if Nikki blew Stevie for beats you have no control over that anymore neithier. Fall back mom.

    • Blew Steebie for beats????? Who still going to Steebie for beats???? Niki would be better off letting Safaree hook her up

  4. Stevie hasn’t made a beat that sold in ten years

    Correct me if I’m wrong

    • He’s still making money off beats from over 10 years ago. ??‍♂️??‍♀️?

  5. And Nikki’s in Trinidad eatin mangoes with attorneys, and unbothered.

    Have a Malta and a smile and be quiet, Joseph.

  6. Nicki Minaj has a 360 deal she’s going broke let’s face it if lil Wayne was getting jerked by baby (pun intended) wtf makes u think this bitch is actually getting paid?

    • Nicki has way more deals than Wayne. And sorry but Wayne is a clueless drug addict.

      Nicki could walk away from baby and still have ???
      She’s a brand. Her fame stretches across the globe, for real.

  7. This is some silly BS.
    I’m pretty sure Nikki hasn’t done anything that Jos has not been guilty/accused of. Her argument is invalid. LOL

  8. She’s using Spanglish and talking stuff, and she’s not Cardi Bae?


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