Will Smith Praises Kanye for ‘Making People Think’

will smith praises kanye west donald trump

Will Smith had an interview with Rap Radar and he praised Kanye West’s recent antics in the media.

“That’s what I love about Kanye right now. He’s willing to take the smash down in order to push ideas…He’s making people think, even in the twisted, backhanded success of Donald Trump,” – Will Smith

He also had some kind words to say about Meek Mill.

“I love the position that he has found himself in, that he’s embracing…Historically for the African-American male, the road that he’s traveled has a beautiful historical pattern to it that is imbuing him with massive amount of power right now. He’s educating himself, and he’s taking a position in the world that I think is going to be life-changing for him.” – Will Smith

You can listen to the full interview on Tidal.


    • Pretty much… has Will Smith said anything about Tamir Rice? Tyree King?? #ImWithKap

    • Yes these are the ones who told massa about the impending riot/revolution coming his way

  1. Will Smith praises Kanye for making ppl think…….

    About killing, maiming, bludgeoning, or setting his sellout ass on fire.

    Just thoughts though.

  2. think about what – that slavery in his opinion was a choice???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
    KW is not deep – he only thinks he is. He is not a spokesperson for black folks. The
    BM that are locked up will not be voting for anyone. Is KW gonna fix that?

  3. Kanye didn’t just one day FIND himself in the position he’s in – he CHOSE it! Unless he’s truly mentally ill and can’t help himself.

  4. Interesting how black men are not ostracized for supporting Trump, but black women are!

  5. Wilma Smith and Kanye West, two DL brothers. No coincidence that both black men used to be rappers. One kissed his own son in the mouth, the other kissed Kim K in the mouth; disgusting!

    • He didn’t just kiss him in the mouth…the kid was pulling away from him and he would literally grab him and forceably hold his face to slob him in his mouth multiple times.

  6. Says the man who ‘raised’ Show-up-to-your-wedding-in-a-Batman-costume Jaden and an I-didnt-know-you-were-cutting-yourself Willow.

    Will- you never have and never will speak for Black peoples.

    Now don’t you have thetan to crush?

  7. Wow hear the interview on tidal? Yea I’m good along with drake weak ass album.

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