K. Michelle Shows Off Butt Reduction

k michelle butt reduction

K. Michelle is showing off her brand new figure, which includes her butt that has been downsized beyond belief.

Check the singer out in this video as she flaunts her new curves.


K went public recently about the damage her butt injections had done to her health. We’re happy to see she’s getting back to her old self!


  1. So now folks just inject and uninject body parts, fat, etc. She couldn’t see how ridiculous her oversized badonk was back in LHH days? It’s to the point where body parts are like the new fashion trend. This year it’s in so let’s get rid of last year’s style. damn! What next? Even tatoos get lasered off or tweeked.

  2. I see her throwing the mandatory hand signals. She does look better. Now get rid of the ugly tattoos.

  3. She’s aggravating do I know more about her plastic surgery procedures than I do any of her songs.. To bad they can’t do surgery on a person’s personality self hatred makes anyone half attractive automatically ugly.

  4. When your Auntie’s liquor kicks in at the BBQ…
    That one Uncle’s wife that hits on all the nephews at the BBQ…
    When your coworker has too much wine at the office holiday party and forgets where she is…
    When you’re shopping and a good song comes on…

  5. I’m happy for her. She looks good now.Shit, at least she can admit to her insecurities and mistakes, unlike some people who sit back and just talk shit about everyone else without looking in the mirror at their own issues.

    • I’m so confused and I think you are too! I have yet to come across any black woman jealous of a white woman. Sometimes I swear people just let things fall out without and thought. Do better

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