K Michelle Might be Wheelchair Bound After Bad Butt Injections

k michelle wheelchair butt injection

K. Michelle gave an update on her back-alley butt injections, revealing she had to have a second surgery to fix the damage done to her booty and claiming she might have to use a wheelchair the next time she hits the stage.

And despite going through a health crisis, she couldn’t wait to unleash the pettiness in her Instagram post:

I really can’t believe this has happened to me. I’m very serious about performing in a wheel chair by any means necessary. Maybe my friend 2chainz will loan me his. Ive been a little down not performing on the weekends that’s my therapy. Thank you @thequeenofkash for flying out for my surgery today. Thanks @beautybytayrivera for my flowers and @trinarockstarr @iamthequeenkarenking @ferraritru3 @iambridgetkelly @jefe @kingofhair @rocko2real @rkelly @krayzie_bone @shodsantiago @zenafoster all my Rebels I truly need you and love you. I promise you my heart is full of song. Really can’t wait to get back to “Rebellious Soul” K and empty out my heart. To the people who haven’t been there no worries I will never talk to you again, and to the ones calling who hurt me before this stop calling, I don’t wanna make up. This has really change my life. I gotta get this hate and hurt out my heart and i’m not ready to forgive. I’m just not. No one knows what it feels like to look in the mirror and not know your body anymore. University of Memphis I will see you even if I can’t walk. I need the energy.

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  1. Should have just left well alone luv. You are a voice though so I will ignore the blondstrosity on top of your nut – this time.

  2. Bad butt shots? The mess is illegal and the FDA is on the hunt for people pumping this mess in people’s bodies. No such thing as good butt shots.

  3. Where did she get her butt done in someone’s basement. I thought she had money to get it done by the Beverly Hills doctors and not by some random individual. I hope she makes a full recovery.

      • I know a girl that this has happened to like she’s got silicon just floating they her body and it could kill her. These girls crazy af stop being
        Lazy and do squats damn it ain’t that serious. When they get old that shit gonna look nasty asf anyway ?

    (SHIT) IN !

  5. I really want to go at women who get butt injections but every time I remind myself that if Penis injections were a thing ….

  6. In my honest opinion the best thing she could do is stop feeding the bad energy. Just be still. Hope she gets much better all around. Hurt ppl hurt ppl and no one needs that.?

  7. But but… i thought white wimmenz were the only ones getting butt injection to look black smdh

      • why the hell do black women who say they have the best bodies get butt implants and even risk their lives for it smdh mother eurf is unstable

        • Shut Up Fool.

          The saddest thing about you is being fucked by a man has made you brain damaged.

          • no matter how much you say I am been trautimzed it doesnt help the fact that black women are DYING just to have body they say their blessed with smdh…

            Black women will pay 2000 for injections but wont spent 100 on gym pass to loose weight…and black men before you impreganate a black woman just understand that this is the illogical woman that will be raising your future kids smdh


        • Low self esteem and trying to impress men that love ass. You know damm well the average black woman is already blessed with the booty and she ain’t gonna spend her disposable income on no bullshit like that anyway if she s not. You’re becoming unhinged.

  8. She is pitiful …….. A miserable self hating ignorant stupid broad …….. Know thyself and Love Thyself Love and Light

  9. This his the industry uses folks I think hey tell blacks to get surgery why else would every black celeb even.get it

    I heard Billy ocean was dropped because he didn’t get a nosejob

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