Mariah Carey Once Hospitalized After Believing Dead Celebs Were Coming to Dinner

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After Mariah Carey admitted to her recent battle with bipolar disorder, all of her tea is being spilled.

A source says the singer’s substance abuse issues led to a 2016 hospitalization. Mariah’s behavior was so odd, she believed a bunch of dead celebrities, including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Prince, were on their way to her home for a dinner party.

“Carey was allegedly asking the nanny to prep her two young children for a dinner meeting with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Prince. All three were dead at the time. Sources close to the alleged incident tell us that the nanny panicked and alerted Mariah’s inner circle because she feared her employer was a danger to herself and others. Mariah Carey’s team arrived at the singer’s house with a psychiatrist and we’re told that the doctor felt the singer needed to be immediately hospitalized.”

She held on involuntary 5150 hold until she was ultimately released to the care of her team and referred her to a private physician.


  1. Well for them that might of been true I am pretty sure with all of the let’s just say the things that go on in this business to stay in it that could of been real not the real spirits of them but someone inbodying them who knows but I have a strong gut feeling they are planning something really big for Mariah Carey.

  2. Most of the time when these celebrities are having a breakdown nine times out of ten it’s not from being bipolar are having hallucinations some come from mk victims as they get older the brain can only take so much that they would have to put it out there as that they did the same thing to Amanda Bynes Britney Spears Kanye West and so many more.

  3. Someone asked her which three celebrities dead or alive would she want to have dinner with …and she took it too far

  4. Hybrids are naturally bipolar… It’s one of the hidden psychological facts from decades of collected data.

    • I think that’s what they are doing.And it’s sad for her children to have to go through that.

  5. Who makes up these “teams”
    Who assigned the handler?
    Who has the power?
    Who puts them into clone like Gucci Man whose clone is awful N the way.
    I wonder y she Mariah cant get an awesome clone like Brittany Bitch or Nikki M??

  6. Whitney talked about going to heaben to.sing with Jesus and it was gonna be lovely

    Mike talked about dying premature he feared he would die like Elvis or die at age 40 like John lennon

  7. Why the nanny straight SNITCHED!!? Lmao. Her ass was prolly scared as fukk with this bitch talkinbout Whitney & Mike Jackson coming for dinner….bitch what??? Call 911 immediately. i guess she was like i aint gon let this heffer kill everybody then pin it on ME! Fukk outta here. They start losing it once their deal with the devil starts to come to a close…just like Whitney peepin for demons through holes in the wall.

    • It didn’t help the situation when Bobby was putting the all seeing eyes all around the house either.

  8. She’s not mentally ill whatsoever for believing that. People are so ignorant .

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