Kevin McCall Thinks He’s the Father of Eva Marcille’s New Baby

kevin mccall eva marcille baby

Kevin McCall is back to his crazy ways, and this time he was triggered by the news that his baby mama, Eva Marcille had just given birth to a baby boy with her fiancé, Michael Sterling.

Peep Kevin’s video to see him imply that he’s the pappy!


  1. Why is he worried about her? If it is or ain’t that dude baby, what does it have to do with him? Cause he know good well it ain’t his soooo. And that man look like he from one of those countries where they be just as black as the darkest black people. So maybe it’s his roots, Indian Pakistan or whatever he is, his race has people that are darker.

    • I think he’s black just really light skinned (he looks black to me). He graduated from Morehouse.

  2. So what….were both men nutting in her pussy at the same time…if so thats really disgusting….but hey lets not act like this doesnt happen in the hood frequently

      • @anon 13:10 i lived in atlanta…running trains on black women is a past time…dudes dont even wear condoms and the sad part is that most of these women being smutted out have “boyfriends” who they ended pining their child on when they cant find the men that nutted in them smdh

        #spermwars #blackpaternitytest

        • So you care so much about all of this because you had sperm up your ass.

          What you need to worry about is your own traumatized asshole.

          • Yup I am from Atlanta where also sistas have some of the highest std, abortion, illteracy rates…its also sad that black women have become so masuline that effiminzed gay black men are seen as more attractive in eyes of black men.

            Live in Atlanta and you we see how strange men have become smdh..the black community is a MESS

              • I left Atlanta because the homo culture is disgusting…dudes be sleeping with trannys and gay men openly and secretly AND THEN running trains on black women…why you think hiv is so high down south and in dc…

            • “that effiminzed gay black men are seen as more attractive in eyes of black men”

              WOW, is that so. So you like chicks with dicks?????

              • No he is a chick with a dick, that is why he is mad, because he will never be a real woman.

              • @20:58 No but the man who you call bae does…be care with disparaging trannys beacuse he or she might be blowing your boyfriend or your absentee fathers back out…lmao

                Have you watched the vice doc on youtube where the gays said black men are leaving black women for trannys because “we are more girly” lmao

    • @Blackman, you always got something negative to say about women. Wasn’t you that same cat that told this Anon that beating women for something they did wrong is acceptable in Caribbean and African countries. Now I know your mother got her azz beat on a regular.

      • No he got his ass beat by his mother and his ass jammed by her dude or some dude she let around him.

        So his hate stems from that.

      • So my mom getting her ass beat is funny…why is it that black bitches always think that violence is comical…thats the reason why black women are at the bottom and BEG crakka men to find them attractive…their shere stupidity and immorality makes them the least desirable woman


        • I’m not the one laughing and no I don’t think it’s funny but why in the fuck are you taking it out on us? Ain’t yo mom African too. What do African American have to do with all this hate. I know damm well African women got some shit wrong you can talk about if you just must. Better yet why not just hate your mom..why we gotta be your scapegoats? FUCK wrong witchu?

          • But isnt blacks who say blackness is a mindset. Social immorality seems to be entrenched in blacksness. In africa men beat their kids and wives for no reason…humiliate and even stone women for stealing and other petty vices…that shit isnt right…but if you tell this to the African elders they act like the bitches on this forum and try to justify or dismiss it smdh..

            In america the women are the ones doing the fuckery so thats why i speak up..whether african or black american women the ratchetness is the same

            • The only reason you lash out is because Your Asshole still hurts and remember a MAN did that to you, you Stupid Bitch.

            • Your theories and equations don’t justify anything. Your rumblings sound like you been drinking and your deflection game is weak af. Truth is you don’t have a valid reason. I believe you hate us because you just hate yourself for what you’ve become because of a perceived weakness. Just know that there aren’t many of us black people that aren’t going through something and NOBODY needs to be tore down anymore than we as a people already have or are currently. Yea we’re here on a gossip site has jaw jacking and speculating about bullshit but when you constantly attack and regurgitate hate toward us you are not part of the solution by no means..just another asshole adding to the problem.

        • Black women have the highest rate of college.graduates in the country right now…FACTS….real talk!!!

  3. don’t matter who the daddy is. Mama is the only one that matters. Daddy is everybody, mama is one.

    • mama is only thing that matters but single black mothers occupy every bad statistic smdh

      • The only mom you should worry about is yours and the reasons YOU are mentally fucked up.

        Worry about the stats surrounding Fuckboy toys like you.

        • I am trying to help young sistas and brothas who need to escape their mom or in slave terms massa…I am harriet tubman but instead of rescuing blacks from whites I am freeing blacks from their oppressive black mothers


            • I am trying to do a noble deed..ask any young sista who ran away from home why the ran away and its always something to do with their violent ill tempered mothers smdh

              #saveourgirls #mammyism

              • Young girls run away mostly because of boys that mothers are trying to save them from. Please don’t ever have daughter’s cause you have not a clue.

              • Blackman, you sound corny and angry. Stop hating your black Queen. Wasn’t your mother a black queen? And if you’re daddy stepped out on your moms…that single black woman called “mama”, will NEVER abandon you. And that’s FACTS.

              • @ANON black queen my ass…fathers abandon kids physically…mothers abandon kids emotionally.

                Look at tupacs mom..she was strung on crack…lied about the whereabouts of pacs father…gave birth to him in jail under fucked up circumstances and yet he called her queen…may she rest in peace but what kind of stockholm syndrome mindset is that. smdh

          • If the father is not there physically he is not there emotionally Dumb Fuck!

            This is about you and your mother issues. Pac was fine with his mother and understood what she went through…so never compare your insane ass to someone who was conscious and aware.

            You need to deal with your OWN SHIT period, all you do is harbor Hate which keeps you trapped and has turned you into a Self-Loathing Bitch.

            • Have you wonder why rappers like pac despite calling their moms black queens and “my everything” have no respect for black women…it seems that brothers will treat their mothers like gods and but treat other black women like shit…why is that?

              • Worry about your own backyard (literally) Fag…and stop deflecting from your Ripped Up Asshole.

            • What makes you the authority on kids huh especially somebody elses? You know damm well you toe up ass ain’t never raised no kids.

      • facts black women highest rate of degrees. Black women have been the support and structure in the african American culture since slavery, but not just for their own , but as mothers and nannies to all races. My question for you is how is it that black men or any man questions the love or support that is given by black women. How dare you not acknowledge their strengths and imitate or even compare a quality that no man be him gay straight or tranny possesses. What god creates mankind can only imitate buy never replicate. So i say this to say if men were present participants in providing, caring, nurturing, uplifting, empowering, simply inspiring our culture we as awhole would be a force of true power for change. WAKE UP MY BROTHERS YOU ARE SELLING YOUR SOULS FOR NOTHING. THE TRUE DIAMONDS IN THIS WORLD ARE PEOPLE INCLUDING BLACK PEOPLE. LOVE PEACE AND EMPOWERMENT

  4. We all know Eva had nothing to do w/her 1st baby’s father and back in July she was campaigning with her fiancee. Didn’t this fool disown his daughter? I seriously doubt this delusional fool is the father. He is just looking to be relevant again. Eva has moved on and so should you.

  5. I think he fulla duck shit..
    If he had a real case he would take it to family court fast!
    Not post a social video for attention.
    But an attention hoe will do anything.
    Y the real father not saying shit??
    Y she gotta fight off this fool from their baby alone?
    Unless he worried thats some ? tea.

  6. This Season…on the REAL Housewives of Atlanta, chile….(rhoa theme song plays)

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