Torrei Hart: If a Man’s Upfront, I’m OK If He Cheats

torrei hart mean cheating side chicks

Torrei Hart sat down for an interview with Studio One and was asked if all men cheat. Her answer was:

“Yeah. Yes. Every last one of you.”

Then she dropped some gems on how her attitude about cheating has changed as she has matured.

“I kind of like the Muslim faith. I think if you can afford her, you should have an extra wife. I just think people should be more upfront. Men need to start just being men. and said, ‘Look, this is what I’m going to do. Either you’re going to deal with it or you’re not.’ And I think most women will probably deal with it. But you men just gotta be more upfront. And here’s the thing about me, I appreciate a good side b*tch. There’s days I don’t feel like doing sh*t. There’s days I don’t feel like sucking d*ck. There’s days I don’t feel like cooking and cleaning. Have the side b*tch do that job.”

Despite saying all that, she says she could never be a side b***h. “I always have to be the main,” she said.

Then she hit us with this:

“I just turned 40, in February and as I get older, there’s certain things I’m just starting to see. Before, I would get all upset like, ‘You did this n*gga?!’ Now, I’m kind of like, ‘Did she buy you something? What did you get from the deal? Did you at least get something?’ I’m just starting to see things differently. It’s so crazy. It’s not that serious to me anymore, it’s just not…That’s probably bad. I’m so jaded. I sound real jaded, don’t I?”


You can watch the full interview here.


    • I know right no violence. She also seem very down to earth her and her skin complexion is beautiful…why did kevin leave her for that light skin blasian smdh

  1. She’s been mind-conditioned to believe lies like most sheeple in the USA: United Sins of America.

    • GTFOH with the sheeple shit…at least we still have gun rights unlike every other country in the world, who has to bow down to their gov’t.

  2. Nah i kind of agree with her because men do dumb and submissive shit if you want to have side bitches be a man and just do it. Dont get married and ruin a god sanctioned union by sleeping with other women especially when there are kids involved.

    Strangely the side bitches they cheat with usually dont respect them and try to finesse them smdh


  3. She only speaks for herself.. I’m not about to put up with a cheating man.. I’m not getting no diseases, because that would be the end of one of us and it’s not going to be me..

  4. No REAL Woman Wants A Man…….That Is Everywhere……..Doing Everything…….With Everybody!!!

  5. 2018 the year of no morals. If a man cheats on me nah fuck that I’m not going to stay with him! There are zillions of men on earth why tf would I sell myself short for one that obviously wouldn’t give a damn about me. If a man tells me he doesn’t want to be in a relationship because he wants to sleep around I will respect him for being honest. This idiot is just like the rest of these stupid hoes and promoting dumb shit like this is a reason why men will cheat because they see it’s acceptable. Only weak minded women that don’t know their self worth would settle for some bullshit like that

    • @Anonymous 16:51

      I Agree……..When A Man/Woman Shows You OR Tells You Who They Are & What They’re About………BELIEVE THEM………The 1st TIME……..&…….Keep It Moving!!!

      • Amen! It took me a while to figure that out. Like if a guy said he didn’t want a relationship I use to think I could change that by spending more time , act a certain way with him or wear something I think he would like and of course it never really works. People show their true colors quickly but we ignore it or don’t catch onto it that fast.

  6. Keep your cookies locked up in the cookie jar and get to know him first. If he cant wait until you know him better then you dont need him in your life. If you dont at least know his full name, date of birth and where he actually lives why would you lay down with him anyway?

    Fuck all that, be choosy and stingy, show men how to treat you and demand respect, you deserve it.

    Most men see sex as just another nut they can walk from if you just give it up, make em work for. As L Boogie said “dont be a hard rock when you really are a gem.”

    If Kings honored their Queens these ununited states of chaos would be in world of trouble. Smh…

  7. Aww nah.. At least fake it till ya make it. Don’t let me find out you gotts side anything.. Can i get a couple of side dudes?? Man i think not.

  8. She aint lying! I knew a guy that got more Poon with the baby moms pic in plain view that I ever would and he gave no fucks. Step one? let them know up front what you want and they will GO! Nice guys finish last!

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