Keyshia Cole Is Dating a 22-Year-Old Rapper?

keyshia cole niko boyfriend

Keyshia Cole has reportedly found love with 22-year-old SoundCloud rapper, Niko Khalé.

Niko has been flaunting Keyshia all over his social media account, and the two look kind of cute together, don’t you think?

keyshia cole boyfriend

BTW, Keyshia is 36 so this obviously won’t be ending well for her.


  1. I hope that she will find someone that really do care for her and not out to use her but you never know it could be the beginning of something special who knows.

      • Think of it this way…..the man definitely not mature enough to be taken seriously; what 23 year old man is. She is a 36 year old woman that obviously cannot handle a grown mature man. If she just wants a fuck boy, then at least get one closer to damn 30. But let it be okay for a 16 year old girl to date a 40 year old man GTFOH. You people kill me with the double standards.

  2. I really hope that’s her nephew or something. Like Nephies son. I doubt this so her boo. I doubt Keyshia that desperate, well at least I hope she not, that boy is too little.

  3. He’s a weeee man. Must have a big personality.

    But wait, are those 360 waves? 😐

  4. Keyshia is a pretty woman and she can sing. I feel like she went desperate with this one… idk why she’s having such bad luck with men like saana ?

    • Maybe she is like Halle pretty on the out side and nutty in the inside that happens a lot more often

      • Too bad you are not pretty, just nutty.

        The women are not always the problem…Stupid As Fuck as Usual.

  5. Let Kiesh be great. The past 10 years have been super rough for her. I mean she dated bow wow and fought over birdman.

  6. Keisha is just having fun….. Let her enjoy life, she looks happy, healthy and beautiful. Now she has someone who makes her smile and she can share things with…. I say God Bless. ☺

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    • 99% of the people who made BP are White or Asian, look at the credits fool. Glad you are celebrating white people making lots of money NBA, like a real Sambo.

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        • WTF are you talking about? Who are his “hollyhood backers” exactly?

          Especially when his studio is in Atlanta.

          Tyler creates some coon and sambo shit too, so chill with the riding on your high horse BS with trying to praise him as the reason there is any good black content out there, because that is not the case.

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            • That is not what I asked. I asked who EXACTLY in hollyhood is funding him.

              The rest I know jackass and that was my point against the fool saying otherwise.

            • That content represents a fraction of a fraction of the stuff he produces (sometimes people wanna laugh without thinking about politics). TP makes soap operas, Lifetime movies, and Christian movies about the good, church-going man triumphing over goons. This bogus narrative about his content should have stopped by now. Are people still mad about the Madea character?

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  8. Let’s see Keyshia is a mk ultra victim mom born on crack thought she was biracial all her life grew up in foster homes joined deThrow hung around, sure, hammer, PAC and the rest of them yeah I’m sure they all phukked her brains out

    She’s 36 he’s 22 the sex is good but that’s all they got in common he won’t commit if that what she wants

  9. @ the comments lololo I’m dying wee man,pedo,12yo,give dad back his boots.. etc LMAO
    HSK best spot for entertainment news,commentary & getting roasted


  11. First if all let’s start with the dumb ass ” she a man” comment I’ve know KC since she was 12 and no she is not a mab second Hammer would never take advantage of KC nor would PAC smh! If she wants this youngster and he makes her smile I say do the damn thang BC I didn’t hear nobody say shit when Hue Heffner old ass was f**king those 18 yr girl’s and he was in his 80’s so me KC do what makes her happy! Shit I take my hat off to the young man because KC can be a hand full! #DoYouKC!

  12. Yes baby do you, but you don’t live in a bubble where no one can see and analyze. To me this woman is crying out for someone she can relate to, like her, be with her. Does she know how to have patience and pick someone suitable? No. Damn, you look away for a few years and young artist you liked start feening. The truth is it’s lonely out there, she doesn’t want to be 36 with grown men. I hope she’s not in trouble because this is troubling.

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