The Rock Throws Shade at ‘Black Panther’?

the rock black panther

The Rock congratulates Black Panther on its box office success, but he slides in a little bit of shade too!

Is he being funny or is he really pressed?


  1. I don’t think it was bad shade he just a knowledge that Black Panther did better in box office and he is just motivating his self to do the same in his next movie.

  2. I still dont understand who reinvented fuckin words like shade, catfish, or whatever the fuck people saying these days to fit in, those were already words in the dictionary MTFS………..

    • Funny thing is that they are mostly black urban talk and it’s bogarted by white folks and others. Bro, Shade, side-eye, fleek, woke, thot, ho, etc. It has a meaning for black folks and enough influence to make changes in the dictionary as definitions 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

  3. There’s NO shade. He’s simply saying he need to step up his game/ $ making at the box office.

  4. You tryin to stir it up where none of that is needed. This is Dwayne The Rock, humble, competitive, well liked former Hurricane. He’s sending love to Wakanda.. Nothing more. No shade.

  5. I’ll tell you who is really angry at the success of Black Panther; Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson. Natalie Portman’s latest movie, Annihilation was a box office failure while Black Panther became only the fifth movie in hollywood history to gross over $100 million dollars in its second week. Scarlett Johansson is pissed off because she wants to star in a movie about the comic book character Black Widow. Let’s hope Black Panther beats Jennifer Lawrence’s upcoming movie Red Sparrow.

    • I don’t even think Red Sparrow will do that well. I mean, it looks pretty cool from the trailers I saw, but Red Sparrow has no chance of coming close to Black Panther box office dollars. I predict maybe a 15-20 mill opening for that movie…maybe slightly higher, but that’s it.

    • Why would they care they already got paid for doing the movie role so the only people who truly lose out are the ones who depend on its success to get paid and they are NOT the actors

  6. It’s a reach to find shade in that.

    Rock is just saying, “#blackpanther #boxofficegoals.”

    Black Panther is doing MJ Thriller numbers.

  7. Sasha Retard could not find a real story if it bit her in the ass, so she has to make up stuff! Go on delete this like you always do with the truth.

  8. I have never liked the Rock, didn’t like him when he was a wrestler..
    Black Panther is killing it at the box office, Hollyweird can’t say a black movie can’t make it.
    They just proved them all wrong.. Congratulatiions to all the stars in the movie
    They just made history…

  9. This reminds me. The way he was smiling and laughing in that Tyler Perry movie, you can tell him and Janet smashed.

  10. The Rock wants to identify with black now that a movie with a 99.9999% BLACK, not fake ass Hollywood black aka biracial or white rejects black, cast is killing the game right now. That’s why I ain’t got nothing against biracial people, but to me, they are not black. We’ll know if things were different, they’d choose to be considered white or whatever they’re mixed with. Wakanda forever ✊?

      • Really…negroes are so stupid spending all the hard earn money for a fanatasy but their kids have no life or dentist insurance. Do no know how many sistas skipped paying their light bill just to post up in dishekis at the movie theatres.


        • You are so stupid how is spending 10 on a movie ticket and possibly buying an outfit going to cover any medical or dental bills…

          STFU stop posting BS and get the mental health check up YOU need.

          • no bs i been and lived in the hood… sistas would buy their kids the latest jays but their kids have no food in their bellies or knowledge in their brains. I remember reading an article that black kids raised by single black women have the lowest literacy rates in baltimore.


            • So what?

              you don’t know everything that goes on in someone else’s household…

              You need a therapist ASAP.

            • You are no authority on black culture and what happens in ALL homes Dipshit.

              You have a traumatized asshole that needs to be addressed.

              • Google Baltimore literacy rates. After that google the amount of black women and kids who can read past 5th grade in Detroit.
                How do Queens rule kingdoms when they cant even read….

            • I don’t have to google anything to know there is more to the story than your ignorant ass puts out there.

              You need to worry about your own backyard literally since you still have not dealt with your rape.

              • Rape is very common in single black household. Black mama leave kids with “boyfriend”/fuckbuddy and he takes advantage of her kids….in the news wasnt their a live in thug who impregnated all the woman”s children

        • Good point blackman. That’s why so many black people stay broke! Everybody should read Dr. Claude Anderson’s book “Black Labor White Wealth.”

        • @BLACKMAN FACTS FACTS FACTS theirs a roman saying ‘bread and circuses” meaning you can deceive a person(ie most black people) so easy with a little food(bread) and entertainment(circus)we’ll forget the important stuff smh

          • Yeh man i heard during slavery they used the same tactic. To fuck black women they would give them nice tasting food or material stuff like blankets or new panties. To keep her in a entertainment mode they would invite other white men to play “house”and basically do orgies as black women watched…. crazy shit


  11. The Rock is half AA and half Samoan. This is what Samoans look like (yes, some are mixed like his mother):–fiji-islands-my-people.jpg–polynesian-food-african-men.jpg

    Polynesians are black people. Yes, some are mixed obviously; but the light ones are the minority. Most of them are black with thick afros or lighter with thick afros.

    • Damn keep dropping knowledge. I didn’t realize Samoans are black, but makes sense like the Aborigines in Australia or Maaori of New Zealand.

      • Maoris are barely black anymore. They mix a lot.

        Australian aborigines mix a fair amount, but many are still black.

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