Foxy Brown Supports Russell Simmons Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

foxy brown russell simmons

Foxy Brown took to her Instagram to pen an open letter in support of Russell Simmons. The Hip Hop mogul had jetted off to Bali to undergo “spiritual maintenance” following numerous sexual assault allegations.


  1. Clearly he has a type and she does not fit it, so how would she know what he has done to others. It’s great to her a compliment but he comes off as a perv publically, anyone with eyes can see that. So why anyone would get caught alone with him is crazy, seems as if they should already expect him to do try the worst. He looks like a legit creep and always has.

    • He likes models. Foxxy has never been model-esque. She will always be safe around him

    • naaaah Russel is not gay, he just likes White pussy … people act like if your straight, black and talk proper then your gay, which is like the dummest most ignorant shiit in the black community!!! mean while most down low black men are actually thug niggaz.. Jail mofos, those be the down low niggaz!!! smh

      • How the fuck do you know what anyone does behind closed doors?

        Those are not the reasons people call this MF gay asshole.

      • I hear that he likes them either sex. As long as they are crawling …

        Foxy needs the money.

    • You never get the point. The woman just practically said he never did her like that. Russell like mixed and white woman. She ain’t his type. And just like the person below said a lot of thugs are gay. I know that for a fact, I know a few men that have told me they were raped by they uncles who are well known thugs in my city.

      You always step in to deflect the truth. Do you know who else does that? SATAN!!!

  2. The only reason she is supporting him because she needs him to support her financially lol.

    • yeah Foxy is def on some Financial shiit right now, but regardless I don’t think Russel Rape them bitches.. White, Black, Latina, Asian Bitches that are gold diggers love to cry rape, if you rich you just have to be careful of these greedy bitches looking for a come up!!!!

      • LOL, You are a Fucking Idiot…

        You have no idea what rape is about…it has nothing to do with sex Dickshit.

  3. Sorry foxy you ain’t white or bright enough for Russ

    Seems like all these female celebs have man.problems ways a baby mama never a wife like kim, Trina, bradt, latifah and plenty of others

    Quit making songs bout you selling ass and getting ate out by rich ass old men

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