Reginae Carter Goes Off After Internet Trolls Call Her Baby Sister ‘Ugly’

reginae carter baby ugly

Reginae Carter tried to hold back the tears as she went off on Internet trolls who called her sister, Reign, an ugly baby.

Hit the play button to see her reaction.

Is Reginae doing the most or are the haters out of line for talking about a baby?


  1. The baby is not even ugly, so she should not even have responded to that, now she just attracted s bunch more lames to attack her just so they can get attention.

    Poor child, people are only messing with her because her daddy put light woman on a pedelstle, they could not wait to attack Reginae. Luckily she cane out beautiful or they would have even more to say. Lil Wayne needs to apologize to darker skinned woman so his daughter does not have to suffer his stupidity.

    • Girl bye and that baby is ugly ..I do t understand the sensitive nature of these weak clowns …everyone is entitled to their opinion and they honestly might not think the baby is cute I surely don’t …it shows immaturity on both sides …no you don’t have to tell the family members how ugly the child is but you also don’t have to be so pressed about other peoples comments…here is an idea ..stop being extremely thirsty for attention and do a better job with this one ..go raise this child away from the spotlight because it didn’t help your doe doe brain daughter one bit to be put in the spotlight…it’s a shame that they had enough money to do better yet still fell into the ghetto zone
      Toya has no talent but was determined for people to knownher name and just look at the ignorant daughter she raised meanwhile no one really knows birdman kids or ex wife because they choose to remain in the background but what we do know is his son graduated college and his daughter is in college..he prepped them to take over his business while lil Wayne somewhere sipping on syrup

      Reginae already acts like she on that lean

  2. How About This….Reginae: Keep Your…….Your Mamma’s…….&……Your Baby Sister’s Photos Off Of Social Media…….&…….Y’all Won’t Have To Deal With The Negative Backlash Of Haters’ Opinions.

    Just A Thought Beloved!!!!

  3. even know that people should not call a baby names because it is a child and that is crossing the line at the same time maybe it’s best that her and her mother should stay off social media are just keep the baby off Instagram you are setting your self up for all kinds of options when you do.

  4. People are so fucking evil. There’s nothing wrong with that precious baby and as much as I’m not a fan of Reginae I’m on her side with this.

  5. I hate Reginae, but that baby is beautiful and the best part is that she will not look like Wayne ever!

  6. That young lady is so annoying. Everybody is not going to like everything you think they should.

  7. I don’t mean to call Toya a bad parent but why isn’t she the one defending her daughter. Reginae is a child but seems like the parent. Paperback Toya needs to get it together.

    • Probably because it’s not that serious. As long as she thinks her her daughter is beautiful, that’s all that matters. ADULTS don’t argue over or respond to BS, kids do. This is BS.

  8. A ugly white bitch name Heather Locklear was arrested for domestic violence and assaulting police officers. Look at her mug shot and you will see how ugly most white bitches look when they are over 40.

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