Bill Cosby’s Daughter Ensa Dead at Age 44

bill cosby daughter ensa dead

Bill Cosby’s daughter Ensa, who has been a strong support system for the comedian during his sexual assault trial, has died at the age of 44.

The cause of death is unknown, however, TMZ states she was dealing with kidney issues and was “possibly” in line for a transplant.

She is preceded in death by her brother, Ennis, who was killed in 1997 after a botched robbery attempt.



  1. So that coming from a mile away not the daughter but one of his family members and now it begin let see if Mr Cosby will be back on NBC that’s a damn shame.

    • Why would he go back to trying to be on tv, when he was looking to buy the network, before all this came out?

      You should really Shut Up.

  2. So he had to make a payment to the industry since he so called raped all those cute little white girls back in the I spy days

    Knew he had to pay some type of way in this instance it’s his daughter

    Tyrese was crying to the elite Nott to take his djaighter

  3. Boule Bill acted like he was the best dad in America. In reality he is the worse dad in America. How can a black man sacrifice his own child to the hollywood devils? I have lost all respect for boule Bill! I will never support him again!

    • Bite the bullet and deal with it ,he did do it so it’s not a lie it just came out because he was due for one and they took his daughter so not worth it at all.

      • U know daaam well he didnt rape those bitches… he fucked them but he didnt rape them.. is it a crime to fuck a greedy thot looking for a come up? them bitches were on his pay role for years and didnt say shiit!!!

        • You are a Fucking Moron!!!!

          He DID THAT SHIT!!! And some DID Report his Ass and no one did shit, because he chose women who were deemed not to be credible, mainly drug abusers, for that very reason…

          Know of what you speak before you did Dick!!!!

        • @Stop Simping…THANK YOU! Everybody knows those hoes lied and piled on when they thought a pay day was coming.

          What the media HAS NOT REPORTED is that a LOT of them have been caught in multiple LIES…just like the hoe that was recently on the witness stand…and had their cases THROWN OUT & DISMISSED.

          • People keep ignoring this.

            Most of the claims were random stuff like, “He touched my butt at a party at the Playboy mansion in ’77.” And like over half of the accusations were tossed out because he had solid alibis. Another quarter or more of them were his mistresses/concubines and spent years in a relationship with him going on vacations and getting wined and dined.

            Another large chunk were actresses that went to his hotel room at 3 am for “acting lessons”; basically they gave some up for a connect, but nothing happened with their career because he just wanted to hit.

            The rest were women who played the “Mr. Cosby you’re so great” game and then basically extorted him.

            The only thing that’s clear is that in the 60s and 70s, Cosby had a good time at the Playboy mansion and in the club. It’s also clear that because he had status and stacks, he acted like a d*** sometimes like with Lisa Bonet. He was waiting patiently for her 18th birthday. Other cast members played the game including Mrs. Huxtable, but Lisa wouldn’t. Then he got mad because he was thinking about her cakes for a long time.

  4. “Her passing comes one month before her father is set to be retried on rape charges in Pennsylvania this April”.

    Very intetesting….. Looks like somebody doesn’t want to go to jail.

  5. This piece of shit sacrificed his own children,and the white rape accusers are men….all of them!

    • Yeah I noticed that too. The one with the brown curly perm. Dude looks like a man.

  6. Wow i can only imagine how BC feeling loosing his daughter(rip)& all the unnecessary drama he got himself into,times like these I’m glad I’m poor,simple with a good spirit,life is no game

    • Well Bill thought he was untouchable, but he isn’t.
      Why is none of the white men being charged with anything, they have women lined up a mile and not one of them been arrested..
      I know this won’t sit well with the majority of people but why in the hell would I go to a man’s hotel or house at 2:00 or later to discuss business.. Why would I take any drugs he gave me to relax?? There’s nothing open after 11:00pm but legs (RIP) that was the way my mother told me.. You go to a mans room that time of night, you know exactly why you’re there..
      The thing I detest about Bill was him talking about single mothers like a dog.. I don’t know of any poor single woman, wanting to be poor and single.. What happened to the fathers to these children.. Bill was a white mans dream, until they had enough of his ass.. Rot in hell you did the crime so either pay your way out or don’t pass go, go straight to JAIL…Oh and Bill wifey knew what he was doing, that’s just a fact.

      • Although I get what you mean…there are plenty of people including wendell williams who have said they have had hotel meetings where nothing has happened.

        Men do the same thing with male “stars” with the meeting in hotel rooms bullshit and exchanging sexual favors but no man except for rob schneider has admitted to a man opening his robe in front of him and propositioning him, in that type of situation.

  7. The question still remains, who did boule Bill piss off to have all of America hate him?

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