50 Cent Says He Lied About Bitcoin Fortune, See the Court Docs


    50 cent lied bitcoin

    50 Cent bragged about owning millions worth of Bitcoin, but in a new filing for his bankruptcy, the rapper and actor says he lied about his cryptocurrency fortune. He DID own a small amount, and the transaction was handled by a third party and quickly converted into USD.

    As for the 700 Bitcoin TMZ said he owned, 50 says that’s false and he only pretended the story was true because he never denies anything the press says as long as it doesn’t tarnish his brand.

    50 cent bitcoin

    Is he lying?

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    1. Well he definitely doesn’t want to be convicted of bankruptcy fraud so… i dunno

    2. btw
      He’s soooo zeeess-staaay
      All these dudes excited
      Ooouu you know they like it
      He’s so zeeess-staaay
      so zeeess-staaay

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