Bill Cosby’s Daughters Speak Out: ‘Our Father Has Been Publicly Lynched’

bill cosby daughters release statement

Bill Cosby’s people reached out to Charlamange tha God of The Breakfast Club (WTF?!) through text message. The comedian’s daughters are huge fans of the show, and they wanted the radio show to release their audio statement to get their message out ahead of the Cosby’s sexual assault trial that’s set for next month.

In the statement, his daughters try to prove that Cosby isn’t a monster. They say he’s being publicly lynched, and he’s a victim of a racist society who’s trying to bring him down.

“The accusations against my father have been one-sided from the beginning. When he tried to defend himself, he was sued in civil court. I’ve seen the accusations become more horrific and extreme with time and I’ve witnessed my father’s reputation and legendary works be dismissed without any proof. I strongly believe my father is innocent of the crimes that are alleged against him and I believe that racism has played a big role in all aspects of this scandal. How the charges came against him, how people believed them before they were ever scrutinized or tested, how people who questioned the claims were shut down and ignored,” – Ensa Cosby

Peep the rest of their statement:



  1. The elite gay mafia getting tired of bill he’s old can’t make more money so why not humiliate him then when he dies his whole resume will sell again on the market bill did a lot if work over the years and hell make more dead than alive

    • I have to disagree with you Chris. He will be quickly forgotten if he is found guilty of multiple rapes. This isn’t the same as Prince or MJ after they passed.

  2. Whether he raoed these women or not Hollywood does sex rites from the ancient Greco roman era the Europeans who made up the laws in Hollywood still worship those pagan gods and still practice homosexualitu, lesbianism, pedophilia, rape, beastiality, incest and blood sacrifice in the tradition of their gods and religions including chrustianity who is becoming more open to pedophilia and gays now more than ever

    • LOL exactly that N word Bill Cosby talked so bad about black women, everything from how we name our children to our mothering. I’m sooo glad he finally gets what he deserves and I hope they get every penny and put him back in the projects.

  3. Quote from Judge Joe Brown, “Hollywood hated Bill Cosby because he was a heterosexual black man who never did the gay casting couch.”

    • Yes that’s exactly what is was NBA. This is all because he is not a gay man.

      It has nothing to do with 30 women coming forward with basically the same story. SMH.

      • there is definitely a cold war going on between gay men and alpha males. there are so many old white men living around me hunting for young black booty i want to throw up.

        but that has nothing to do with stupid cosby and his booty.

        the reason he wasn’t brought to justice sooner is because of affirmative action for blacks that was going on when white america was making all these black millionaires. they were afraid of being called racist if they exposed him.

        • Faye said,
          “there are so many old white men living around me hunting for young black booty” Is one of those men Clive Davis? He loves young black booty; just ask Usher.

  4. Roman Polanski and Rob Lowe raped underage girls and white people continue to defend them. Woody Allen and X-Men director Bryan Singer have been accused of molesting and raping children. White people continue to defend and protect them. White supremacy claims boule Bill drugged and raped dozens of white women; none of the so called black elite defend or speak on behalf of Bill Cosby. I guess black people continue to believe anything white people tell them. #WeSickBoss

    • They applaud Polanski and conveniently forget he raped a 13 year old girl. They bring her out in front of the camera so she could tell the world she’s forgiven him, as she gets paid money to say whatever they want. Same for the others. Bill was no angel, but he has done a lot for black colleges. What rapper can say that? None. When young men come forward about those directors, they are quickly silenced and made to look like drug users.

    • jeffrey dahmer killed and ate people, but what the hell does that have to do with the entire white race.

      same concept goes for bill.

      the evil will always support the evil. that’s a fact!

      it is up to decent people to bring them to justice on behalf of their victims.

      this is not about race.

  5. Fact: Bill Cosby donated millions of dollars to Spike Lee so he could finish the movie Malcolm X

    Fact: Bill Cosby donated millions of dollars to Spelman College

    • And they have given it all back. What does that tell you?

      NBA, why can’t you admit that Black men can make big mistakes too.

      And Rob Lowe did not “rape” that 17 year old girl. After the fact she admitted that she told him she was 18. And y’all act like Polanski got off scott free. He is a pariah who cannot enter this country. Th only people who still praise him are a few Hollywood elites who have worked for him. 99% of Hollywood and the rest of the population think he is a sleezy creep who should have gone to jail.

  6. @ NBA is fixed, thank you for your comments. I too feel that Bill Cosby was a tried and convicted without due process. I’m sickened by what the media has done to him.

    • He will get his due process Mystique. Innocent until proven guilty only applies to the courtroom.

      The public and the media are free to form whatever conclusions they choose.

  7. Fuck that nig…he got a way with that shit for years being protected by saltines and you MF want us to take him in?

    Fuck that BS…let that nig…roast in the piss pot stew he created for himself!!!

    I don’t give a fuck what white people do for other whites ANYONE who CONDONES RAPE or stands up for RAPISTS is as much of a PILE OF SHIT as the perpetrator!

  8. And the reason they are shitting on that nig.. and stopped protecting him is because he stepped out of line thinking he could run and take over some of their shit.

    They made sure to remind his ass what he is with the quick!

    So again I say FUCK that pile of human waste.

  9. Hate Bill all you want, but ultimately, they will do the same to prominent black, men in the industry who is suspected of turning on the boule / illuminati mafia. Do you think moneys will pass down to offsprings? Nope. They will want that money to recycle back to them. You lionize Jay-Z. In 20 years they will start doing the same to him. His peccadilloes will come out in force and you will treat him like you are treating Bill now.

    • How did Cosby turn on the Boule? Black and white higher ups protected and covered his ass for 35 years, The only stopped when it became obvious what a horrible predator he was. If they continued to support him then they would look bad as well.

  10. Fuck Gay Z and ALL those nigs who don’t give back or raise up their own…I hope they do the same to him too.

    I do NOT support any of these nigs who sell their soul to get to the next level, let them ALL suffer the consequences of their actions.

    And putting a few dollars back in the community does NOT make up for RAPE or any other sick foulness these fuckers do either.


      an unemployed college graduate is just as broke as a drop out. still dependent upon the white man’s job to eat

      the majority of their wealth is passed on to all those white women they married.

      if ignorant oprah wouldn’t be trying to spread her wealth so thin around the world, SHE ALONE COULD LIFT EVERY BLACK AMERICAN OUT OF POVERTY



  11. Jay z almost 50 and he’s starting to show that he looks older

    Charlie sheen can infect people with HIV and get away with it glad that junkie bitch dying

  12. Fuck fame if I give millions to a college and they can’t defend me or say something in my behalf they cared about money anyway oh fick you by thanks for the money and all these black colleges are owned and controlled by whites which is why blacks have a hard time finding jobs because whites see black diplomas as inferior

    • Chris how can a women’s college defend a man who 30 some women claim to have been raped by? Are you kidding me? Anyway, they gave his money back to him.

      • Did you listen to what these women said? Why did all these women have headaches or were not feeling well and asked Bill for aspirin and claim he Drugged them? They all had the same fucking story. Also, what black man get away with supposedly raping dozens of white women? Gtfoh with that shit. They are all in cahoots!

        • Did you hear what you just said…rapist & serial killers typically follow a pattern. And I am not saying he is a SK, just making point.

          Not all those women had headaches, yes some or maybe most of them were okay taking drugs, but giving something to paralyze or knock someone the fuck out in order to do what you want to them is NOT what they asked for.

        • Predators prey on those they think they can and that is exactly what he did, which is NOT okay.

    • DITTO


  13. Why is it that when a bunch of white women come out and accuse a black man of rape, everyone believes them? Shits disgusting. You see how they tried to do this same shit with Donald Trump before he was elected president. Same situation, different skin color.

    • People knew about this shit before those women came out and were covering it up.

      If you really do not see the pattern where men, particularly men with money and power do heinous shit, even when you hear them fools on TAPE no less say how they degrade women, then something is wrong with you.

      • Particularly men with power. Did you read @NBA is fixed comments? Those men also committed heinous crimes against minors. Yet, those white motherfuckers are still thriving. Their reputation took a hit for a hot second. They have been dragging Bill for minutes!

        • Are you really saying it is okay because these were women and not children?

          Your logic is garbage and so are you for standing up for a rapist!

          And that fucker went over half a century doing what he did before, what he did caught up to him…He should be dragged, locked under the jail or shot dead like the wounded dog he is..and not just him ALL fuckers who do or get away with heinous shit!

          • NOOOOO, that’s not what she’s saying. What she’s saying is….LOCK ALL THEIR ASSES UP!! They ALL use to attend the same hollywood orgy parties. Hugh Hefer ass was doing the same shit people are accusing Bill cosby of at these playboy mansion parties…. shit, Holly madison (one of his ex-girlfriends) wrote a book on how evil and mind fucked this old bat is, and she’s pretty much accusing hugh hefer of the same shit! This raggedy, white mfer is still sitting in his big ass mansion with that old, sour mop smelling, red robe on as we speak now. THESE POWER PLAYERS IN THE INDUSTRY NEEDS STOP BLACKMAILING ENTERTAINERS WHEN IT’S ONLY CONVENIENT FOR THEM!

            • BS that is not what she is saying, read her other comments.

              I know they ALL are garbage and I know what they did, but just because that fucker heff is not on trial don’t think he is not going through his own hell. His company is failing, he has to sell that raggedy mansion he is living in and he still has to answer for what he did when his ass finally does croak!

              Of course there is a double standard and always will be, which means black MF should just do the RIGHT THING to begin with, so they don’t have to worry about paying for anything in the end!

              So like I said FUCK ALL of those FUCKERS!

  14. Bill is guilty be hung Round satanic folks like Hugh Hefner a known bisexual freak and bill was best friends with Sammy Davis Jr who openly worshiped satan and was a closet bisexual freak so bill witnessed some homo a activities plus bill was good friends with miles David who was a known cult member did black magic worshipped satan and bisexual its rumored bill is a closet homo its rumored him and Malcolm Jamal warner had an affair I know Malcolm never admitted he was bisexual but he had a tongue ring in Malcolm and eddie

  15. Rape is a part if Hollywood culture since their pagan gods was into raoe, incest, fucking kids and gay sex so its nor hard to believe bill would rape someone Corey Feldman and other child stars say they was raped by older guts who had money and connections bill had both




  16. They need to hog tie him, he’s been doing this for decades.. Lisa Bonnet (sp) received the spin off show because Cosby tried some BS with her.. They gave been paying off women for decades for Bill, he wants them knocked out, in order to have sex with them.., He had the nerves to talk about black women raising kids with fathers.. He never addressed the father, that left the families to struggle alone… He had something nasty, rude, degrading to say about poor people .. I believe he been doing this for decades and they were paying off women silently for him.. He’s just getting what he dished out.. His wife is no better, she was giving him her drugs.. Shame in his old behind, but feel nothing for him.. We must all face the music in our life, it’s just his time.. Umm don’t expect the black community to rally for you, you diss half of your own race.. All the money you have, you still facing the music for your action…

  17. Always disparate treatment when it comes to the criminal justice system. Black people are punished harder than whites and that’s a fact!

  18. Fuck these white bitches. Their mad because they slept with a black man to get put on, but their careers didn’t go anywhere. Now they are old and aged like spoiled milk. Fuck these bitter bitches!

    • So if they were all black would it be okay too?

      Some of you have life fucked up to think rape/ sexual assault or harassment of any kind toward ANYONE is okay…smfh.

      • Would not be ok, but if they were black women, the media would not give them as much coverage as these white women. I’m not feeling sorry for a bunch of white women who are old and bitter because shit didn’t work out the way they wanted it to.

        • You should because they were NOT ALL white for one and for two if something like that happened to your mother you would not be so smug or un-empathetic about it.

  19. Bill was fucking Lisa bonet which was the reason she got the spinoff but bill was jealous too cause if her sex scene in angel heart playing voodoo girl and bill was really pissed when she started dating Lenny kravitz bill was Lisa sugar daddy and TV dad but dont worry bill fucked damn near every female that appeared on all his shows

    • typically old negro man drunk with power. they did that in corporate america to. one actually told me i’d never get promoted because i wouldn’t sleep with him.

    • Wait a minute, wasn’t Lisa Bonet only 17 when the Cosby Show first came on? Is boule Bill a pedophile? I also heard boule Bill fucked Robin Givens on the Cosby Show set.

  20. Bill going around white folks like he’s the perfect ninja to white folks.
    On tv putting down black folks.

    All the while he was an undercover down low perverted rapist
    the white folks have turned on him. Bill how’s life working for you now

    Now kill bill wants sympathy from us

  21. Wen he wanted to buy NBC or CBS network all his problem started a black not suppose to all that power in entrainment

    • It was NBC and I tried to tell these fools, but they don’t understand.

      He is getting his just due no matter what, tho.

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