Tiny Confronts T.I. Over ‘Distraction’ Diss

In the final season of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, T.I. and Tiny‘s divorce is at a standstill.

As their marriage continues to unravel, Tiny is having problems serving T.I. divorce papers. In a clip of tonight’s all-new episode, Tiny shares with her daughter Zonique, that her stepdad is delaying the case by ducking process servers, T.I. told Tiny, “They just gon’ have to catch me!” Whether he’s ready or not, the divorce is coming, Tiny just wishes this could all happen sooner rather than later.

In the same episode, Tiny confronts her soon-to-be ex husband over his hurtful remarks about marriage distracting him from his ‘greatness.’ The rapper’s public diss deeply affected his estranged wife. As viewers know, in an interview with Angie Martinez, T.I. discussed his relationship drama and admitted that he’s no longer interested in marriage.

“marriage is going to distract me and deter me from taking my family onward and upward…I don’t always have time to do the thoughtful things a husband does…it could be seen as selfish, but I have a hard time seeing something as selfish if it helps some many other people.”


  1. What I get out of this is, that’s a terrible pic of Tiny & T.I. looks like he has aged.

  2. TI is an arrogant asshole. He should have been thankful Tiny was willing to deal with his little penis for the rest of her life. No matter what she looks like she loved that man to the core

  3. Word,I am bout ready to pull up on tiny,if your reading this my dear (tiny) I am a New York nigga,and I am ready to take care of the kids (co parent) and some action with you.it will be our (little secret)
    And I don’t have as much paper as you got but I hustle for real (not 4 tv sh!t) no drugs either ma!

  4. Everybody want tiny now swear y’all called her the ugliest member in xscape or miss piggy now tall wanna fuck her

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