Tamar & Vince Clear Up Rumors About Their Marriage

tamar vince the view divorce

Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert visited The View to clear up rumors about their marriage, and in specific, the allegation about him getting his side chick pregnant.

Tamar says it was some of her “so called” friends that created the rumor, and she now knows to keep people out of her business.

Vince is adamant that the rumors about him having a baby on the way are fake news. The couple also shares they’re in counseling, so it looks like a reconciliation is in the works.


Is Tamar dumb for trying to work things out?


  1. They suck so bad I bet most of it was all true and it was all for that stupid reality show stop blaming your friend when half of it came out of your mouth and from your mother and sisters so stop it .

    • So you can spew all this vitriol about these two, but are praying for wendell williams?

      You can talk shit about who you choose, but others can’t…smfh.

      You really need to check yourself.

      • Yes I can because they put this shit out there them self and as for praying for someone that is sick I do and will continue to just as when Tamar and her husband was sick I prayed for them also.

        • You sound stupid. Typical Hypocrite.

          FYI wendell believes in karma, on her repeat she mentioned karma is a bitch…well now she knows for herself how much of a bitch it is.

            • Ok hypocritical queen of dumb worrying about what people say about wendell.

              Funny how assholes can dish it but cant take it, hope your day continues to be shitty!

            • Some of the posters on here are atrocious why do we have to bash the shit outta each other on a regular basis. Miss L, im happy for your promotion im sure they dont give shit away for free @ ur job so u rightfully earned it. Some of yall rele need 2 stop hating and being miserable.

  2. I think the fly off of emotions and if they are mad at each other right then and there, they point fingers at each other, they get on social media, they get there friends and family involved and everybody’s got something to say. Then they make up and wonder how rumors get started

  3. This is a joke. It’s all to make money. Everything is scripted. Nothing is real. Stop watching these fools.

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