Matt Barnes Drags Gloria Govan On Her Birthday

matt barnes gloria govan birthday

Matt Barnes’ social media shout out on his ex Gloria Govan’s birthday started off on a good note. But things quickly got messy. Here’s how it all went down.

Matt started by saying:

“Wanna wish the mother of my children a very Happy Birthday! Hope this day is everything you hoped for and more.. Although things have been rocky to say the least the last 4yrs I hope that for the sake of our two beautiful baby boys we can come together & co parent them to the best of our abilities! No more games or b******t.. They need both of our love & support equally! We lead different lives now but we still on the same team. Anyways cheers to your day!! Peace Love & Happiness” – Matt Barnes

And Gloria responded:

“Thank you, I think? And yes One can only continue to pray that your [sic] take your own advice and learn to peacefully co-parent! But until then I’ll see you in court next week because you Love a frivolous lawsuit. But hey let’s keep co-parenting.” – Gloria Govan

That’s when Matt fired back with this:

matt barnes gloria govan

Will these two ever get along?


  1. if she stole your SS# then yes, by all means drag her to court and press charges! if this is just a ploy then get counseling and find another woman that will love you and give you more children. stop wasting your time chasing a woman or antagonizing her just because. there’s another woman out there for you just get some help! next.

  2. He’s dumb, this girl was so obviously fake from the first episode of BBW Miami. People tried to warn him but he was so hard headed.

  3. She should’ve just said thank u, or kept strolling. His clap back was correct. She brought up the negative. Matt and Gloria, keep us posted lol

  4. Her daddy owned a sports bar in Oakland, I wonder if that’s the one she bought.
    I remember on Basketball Wives she was in love and ready to marry her some Matt, but he wasn’t ready. Down the line they married up, it didn’t last and he’s still not over her, whereas she’s clearly moved on and is over him.

  5. If you play with fireworks, you may quiet your hand blown off like Jason Pierre Paul. If you screw around with a gold digging groupie, you will get your heart and your wallet broken like Matt Barnes! He brought his pain onto himself. He should have taken Bel Biv Devoe’s advice; “Don’t trust a big butt and a smile.”

  6. Simps will never learn… Oh you thought she wanted you for your charm!!!! lmao Mofo, GOLD DIGGING THOTS HAVE ONLY ONE GOAL, AND IT AINT WHATS BETWEEN YO LEGS BUT WHATS AROUND IT!!!!!! THOSE 2 POCKETS!!! daaam never can’t understand why these Simp Niggaz such pussies for pussy!!!! act like she’s the only bitch on earth smh

  7. Love don’t come that easy…..athletes are such simps! Her and her sister married NBA players….no way that wasn’t their life goals and these dummies think their money can solve anything until its gone!

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