RGIII Gets Engaged & Expecting Baby with Side Piece

robert griffin engaged pregnant girlfriend

Robert Griffin III’s divorce to his first wife, Rebecca, was recently finalized…and he’s already engaged and expecting a baby with his side piece!

In case you forgot, RGIII’s ex-wife discovered her was having an affair with track star Grete Sadeiko back in April 2016. The unemployed NFL player immediately moved in with Grete and got her name tatted on him.

Grete announced on her IG that she’s 8 months pregnant, so she didn’t waste any time securing whatever bit of money RGIII has left!

Click the arrows on the IG post to see photos from the proposal and pics of Grete’s baby bump.




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  5. He’s unemployed. He’ll pick up a third string QB position he doesn’t want just to keep it coming. She will become disenchanted with his limited income and that she can’t show off much bling. This will create friction in the marriage and the table is set for him to treat her just like he did his first wife. This is also why women want as much divorce compensation as possible. Once he goes broke, there will be no money to pay for his first and second kid. She ain’t growing old with him. How many times have we seen this story. This man is delusional. You can see he’s not grown yet.

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