Mo’Nique Slams Lee Daniels, Oprah & Tyler Perry for Blackballing Her!

Comedienne Mo’Nique blasted Lee Daniels, Oprah, and Tyler Perry during a recent comedy show.

The comedienne once again brought up allegations that she has been blackballed. And she let the three Hollywood bigwigs know exactly what they could with her d*** if she had one!

Peep the video:


  1. Her Hollywood career has been scrapped because she didn’t play the game. She doesn’t seem to realize that’s a blessing. She can walk away with her dignity and life. Get away form them folks.

    • Exactly. Most Hollywood folks seem miserable, and misery loves company. Filthy rich but still living on their knees. Dignity is priceless. I think Monique did the right thing, and she still pops up with a good role from time to time.

  2. “I was blackballed by some black dicks, who had no balls”- LOL Tell the truth Monique, tell the truth!

    • When Whites were in charge of black entertainment WE HAD EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. When dirty N words got money/power they used it to hurt anyone more talented than they. Jealousy is a N word with money and denies our most talented equal opportunity. The moral of this story IS – if you want equal opportunity dont vote for N words and dont support N words who do not support our most talented.

    • What are you talking about, black entertainment has always been ran by the racist white gatekeepers. NAACP Image Awards, white owned. BET, white owned. TV-One, white owned. Essence Magazine, white owned. and, white owned. Every single A-list black celebrity has a white agent and is owned by a white gay mafia elite member. If you think I’m lying, ask Steve Harvey, his agent is Ari Emanuel; brother of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

      • So, if a black person does not want to work for a white boss, stay out of show business.

        Now, there used to be good, fair honest black folk who were power players in entertainment like Berry Gordy. He treated all his black stars with fairness and dignity right NBA? Bwaaaahahahaha

    • That is why her husband fits in perfectly.

      She talks that shit about an open marriage so she can cheat…while he’s gobbling up all the dick he can get his hands on.

  3. In my opinion, Monique is more talented than Oprah, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels. Just because those three house n***ers have more money than Monique doesn’t mean they have more talent. By the way, no black person in hollywood has the power to black ball anybody. Monique was blackballed by the hollywood gay mafia.

  4. Monique is an angry woman. That’s why she could play that role on Precious so well. That was some of her true character being displayed in that role. Weak angry woman that has an open marriage because she can’t satisfy her husband. (Which is why she is so angry) No real woman wants to share her husband.

  5. Personally I did not like that movie Precious her acting did not move in order to get a great “movie” part you have to the backing of one of these 3? I thought Jewish men were the back bones of Hollywood.also could it be that no one is checking for her..her tv talk show was wack that time has pass..maybe she needs to get a real manager not her husband

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