Kevin Hart’s Wife is Pregnant, They’re Having a…

kevin hart wife pregnant

Kevin Hart announced on his IG that his wife, Eniko Parrish, is pregnant.

The couple got married in August 2016. This will be Eniko’s first child and Kevin’s third.

Click the arrows on the pics to see if they’re having a boy or a girl.



    • Does it matter?

      Outside of white men…I don’t remember the last time one of these fuckers wifed up a dark-skinned woman after they became huge.

  1. They will be divorced in the next couple of years, she’s secured her meal ticket.

  2. Kevin Hart is a very stupid negro. He left his beautiful, loyal wife for a gold digger… Typical self-hating coon. He will finally get his mixed baby & homegirl will bounce with half his money!

  3. Kevin Hart is not funny! I have seen his stand up movies, he is no Eddie Murphy; he is not even as funny as Mike Epps. For some reason, hollywood gave him millions of dollars and lots of starring roles. I don’t know why.

  4. As smart as you claim to be you don’t know why?

    They always have to have a new coon, come in and clown for them… duh.

    Why do you think Chappelle got out of the game when he got hip to what they were doing?

  5. Cant stand kevin not funny ass, but his daughter is gorgeous, she will grow up to be one beautiful chocolate sista. Now kevin going for that half breed look. Watever she makes him feel like a big man cuz the money right, but my advice is stay with the black women givin u those beautiful kids, with ur short ass kevin

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