Future Sends Ciara a Special Mother’s Day Message

    future ciara happy mothers day

    Future set his petty aside for one day to wish Ciara a Happy Mother’s Day. He waited until the end of the day, but better late than never, right?

    Peep his IG post:

    I appreciate u more than u know,our son is an incredible kid. We made a king,Happy Mothers Day C!

    A post shared by Future Hendrix (@future) on

    What happened to that gag order?

    He also wished his mom and his other two baby mamas a HMD, too.

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    1. how embarrassing to post for all your baby mama’s…just do it for your mother and move on. C is happy with her husband and new baby. what a loser!

      • Evil losers never give up. He’ll be right there hoping to get a chance to ruin her life again. I hope the fool is too smart for that. His mammy has to be a real jerk of the worse kind. If she was truly a decent woman she would have trained him to treat women and children with respect.

    2. HA! Future knows how to play the game well! By taking the “kind” “friendly” humble stance, and big upping Ciara, he’s making her look absolutely terrible, and like a vengeful fool for that stunt she pulled with his son, and Russel Wilson.

    3. Ciara is a married woman and mother, this fool is living on the dust of their relationship. This is a stalker move, he’s still trying to be relevant in her life. She’s still more important to him than he is to her. Poor thing, he’ll hold on by any means necessary.

      • we’re all hoping to see Ciara new baby with her husband, and he’s posting his baby. dumb fool.

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