L.A. Reid Accused of Sexual Harassment by Epic Employee

la reid sexual harassment

After L.A. Reid’s abrupt departure from Epic Records, it has been revealed he left following accusations of “unlawful harassment of an employee.”

According to sources, the record label is now investigating alleged harassment the victim faced “on a daily basis.” Ried allegedly made remarks about “her appearance and clothing and alleged propositions that caused her embarrassment and distress.” His alleged behavior made it “impossible for her to continue working at the label.”

“A co-worker has reportedly complained about inappropriate sexual advances at last December’s company holiday party, as well as other instances….The letter also alleges that Reid made a sexual advance at the female assistant, asking her ‘to lie down in bed with him and give him a hug’ while the two were at a hotel while traveling on business.”

If a settlement isn’t reached, the victim is ready to go to litigation.

Reid’s attorney declined to comment.


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