RG3’s Instagram Cheating Led to Divorce

rg3 instagram girlfriend divorce

Everyone who thought Robert Griffin’s wife, Rebecca Liddicoat, left him because his star was starting to fade was wrong! Come to find out, RG3 was creeping on his wife during their marriage, and the affair started on Instagram.

RG3 began communicating with FSU track star Grete Sadeiko back in January…just 7 months after Rebecca gave birth to their daughter Reese.

His wife found out about the affair in April, but she was willing to work things out with the Browns quarterback, so she was shocked to hear he was planning on filing for divorce.

RG3 was spotted out with his new boo, Grete, and already has a tattoo of her name on his arm.

We already know how this is all gonna end, so I’m gonna sit back and wait for Karma to bite RG3 in the azz!


  1. Sasha, I said on the other thread….
    "Let's see how his actions work out for him if/when he gets cut from the Browns" which I've heard may be more sooner than later.

  2. Wow, what a slut. His baby was just born!! smdh, If it was the woman cheating everybody would be calling her out by her name, since its a dude, its like, oh…he's a man, you know how men are. FOH! Disgusting.

  3. I may speak ill of these beckys often but I actually feel sorry for them. These interracial relationships that black men get into to prove a point are not fun and games at all. So much abuse, cheating, all of it.

    • @Sarah! Don't you dare, feel sorry for those women! They don't feel sorry for us, when we're victims of the bullshit…In fact, those women like to taunt sisters, and throw shit in our faces, that Negroes supposedly told them during "pillow talk", okay! Fuck them! It's funny how these Negroes always talk about how evil Black women are, never once acknowledging, that it's them that make us that way! Real men admit it! We know the real!✌✌✌

      • Honestly BQ ww don't talk shit about bw unless you are talking really low rent trashy women. And in that case, would you even care? They talk shit about everyone because they are nothing. I have never once heard a ww crow about grabbing a bm. If anything they seem kind of defensive about it.

        • BS they don't.

          They are some of the most evil smile in your face, trash you and destroy you behind your back, because they will never be you motherf*cking bitches walking on this planet. I have never met a more evil bunch of parasitic scum than the white woman.

          • Yep because it strengthens their union. What she is implying by slating our hair texture is: I'm superior to them so don't you dare cheat on me with a black girl. He just goes along to get along but he is basically saying: I'm slagging black women off because that is what is expected of me.

            The worst possible scenario for a white chick involved with a black guy is for him to cheat on her with a 'lowly' nappy headed black woman. Example Nick Young and Icky Azalea (sp). It is the ultimate diss for them. So white women invest a lot of time making sure – feeling him out – that he ain't about to inflict that indignity on her.

            • @06:42, You speak the truth. Just the other day I was in the store checking out some earbuds for my office computer and from afar I felt eyes looking at me, so I turned and saw a tall, brotha looking in my direction. Then out of the blue appeared his Masteress in tow. She looked shooked. I am a natural and thinner than most white females. (I often get the stank eye from them). So I walked in their direction and the insecurity in the air coming from this chick was PALPABLE. Shaky speech, nervous and jittery acting – she seemed really shook. Quite confidently I walked past her as I looked her dead in the face and then toward my direction as I went on my way. I'm always thrown by how shaky these white females in their own false notion of themselves. It's like everyone in the world knows the white female is a fraud except for the black males who insist on laying with them.

  4. Now I feel bad that I called her homely. She stuck by him for years while his career was tanking only to get replaced by a college upgrade? I'm sorry but I do feel bad for the poor woman now.

    Reg- According to my sports insiders he is going to get the whole season to show what he can do. It's a miserable franchise, so I doubt even Russ or Brady could save them, but he is a step above Manzeil.
    I was rotting for him to succeed, now I'm not. Because I can relate to his wife's situation.

    • Hey Anonymous,

      Your folks inside most know some folks who traveled to LV this last 2 weeks. The buzz is like I said "closer to sooner than later" so he best to get his head out the new white girl ass & focus on perfecting his skill level & work through the recovery of all injuries he may have suffered or he's done. I'm the first & quickest to let it be known I'M NOT ROOTING FOR HIM IN ANY WAY. I don't care if he was married to Magilla Gorilla's white sister….he has NO right to mistreat & disrespect her with no regard whatsoever for his child in the process. He acts like he was raised in a damp gutter somewhere.

      You said the the whole season….I say okay, let's all wait BUT don't be surprised if it's not "sooner!"….just saying?

      • Hate on what? An overrated, over-hyped, under 30 has-been… If he does not make it work with the browns his career is OVER!

      • Hey, anon 17:19… as dumbass black males call bw who swirl- this ugly ashy darkie (as black males call bw) is a BEDWENCH SELLOUT, LOL!!

  5. Some black males are never satisfied and got the nerve to be dissing black females?? Wonder how HIV is spread!? This is example one, a male hoeing, bareback. He is super fugly and using the white women for privilege, but he just looks like a dumb ass trick a rich black sucka, laughingstock.

    • He never dissed black women. He likes white women. Having a preference isn't a diss.

        • It's unrealistic to think that every black man who swirls dislikes his own black women. Some do, but they aren't all like that. I don't know why black women will mammy for black men who are strung out on drugs and partying like Lamar and Katt(and blame it on everything but the man's weakness) and yet hate on them universally for IR marriage. It's 2016 and face it, things have changed, and it will never go back to the way it was. Black women ought to see that white men find them extremely attractive, and appreciate their beauty as being special. It's like blondes being drawn to brunettes. White men almost never marry biracial or very lightskin black women. They really appreciate rich, chocolate skin, So why not feel what is good for the goose is good for the gander? Open your heart and mind and you might be surprised.

          • Bravo the latter part of your comment needs to be stated over and over! But I must disagree with what you say about BM who swirl. I think the majority do harbor ill will for BW and have disdain for the black community at large.

      • I keep saying this and I will say it again. ONLY being attracted to women who are NOT of your race is not a preference, it's a social conditioning based on prejudice. Almost like a fetish. How is it that if a white man says he only likes black women people can recognize this as some sort of fetish but black men only liking white women is normal?

  6. I have not sympathy for becky at all… LOL You get what you pay for! You wanted him so bad. He obviously was not satisfied, as Beckies have no soul. No matter how hard they try and how much they use their spells of TV, Movies and raunchy sex. They stay losing with the c00ns who have incarnated in this lifetime to live out their sick fetishes of f*cking massa's wife and daughters. Serves em both right. Haaa haaa lauging my ass off to the bank. You can drop the Poor Becky standing by the black man's side spin. One less black baby born to a stable two-parent black household, if he were in his right mind. So, I could care less.

  7. This dude ain't serious. I know you gotta live life, but if the Browns ain't doin' well, he owes it to his fans and image to show some sort of stability. How can he blame his personal problems for his performance and then go out and do this in a Midwestern state. Face it, the Midwest is far more conservative than let's say, New York, CA, DC, MA. I am always surprised at how socially retarded these black athletes are when it comes to their brand.

  8. I knew it! Why you stepping out a week after you filed for divorce from your wife? Total disrespect for your marriage and your child. The Internet is forever and in 13 or so years, your child, no matter how good of a father you are, is going to know this. Simple minded people do simple minded things and bad decision making is hereditary. He better be careful. FSU girls are some the biggest star f***kers around (money doesn't impress them because they see it all the time. They want the fame). But who knows. That baby might not be his and that's what led up to this (where Golden Tate at?). His ex does look like one of those white hood chicks with the big ass hoop earrings, trying to holla at me at the convenient store while getting her and her man a pack of Ports. No one liked him in Washington. I wouldn't be surprised if of his old Washington teammates busted off in her just to spite him, they fight, she let the cat out the bag, he books, immediately starts flaunting one of his side chicks, gets a tattoo with her name on his arm (because these are things immature dudes do) and instead of being a man (because you were out there freaking too), you file for divorce 7 MONTHS after the baby's born. SMDH

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