R. Kelly Sex Cult Member Speaks Out.. Is She Being Directed Off Camera?

One of the women currently residing in R. Kelly’s love nest is speaking out. She claims she is fine and living good.

However, her family says differently! R has also spoken out denying the allegations made by some of the women’s parents.


Some have claimed that she is lying and if you pay attention to detail you can see someone directing her and telling her not to answer some of the questions.

“At first glance it appeared the girl was happy and being honest about wanting to be there but it now seems that isn’t true. I appears that another person in the video is actually directing her what to say and waving her off not to answer questions.

Pay attention to the shadow on her chest.”


  1. If you seek out R Kelly then you must have major probs. Yes, he was a great producer / singer / songwriter but now he is just a creepy old man. Do better ladies.

  2. She didn’t give up any details only general comments. All the video did was prove she was alive.

  3. R Kelly is accused of running a cult and holding women hostage at a luxury house. There are three rich racist white men who are doing the exact same shit! These three men are Hugh Hefner, Larry Flynt and Dennis Hof. Mainstream media celebrates and honors those three white men and at the same time destroying R Kelly. The racist hypocrisy is evident.

  4. Am I the only one who had the nervousness in her voice this baby is scared I just pray that God will get her out the situation

  5. This and ‘open secret’ are just the tip of the iceberg.

    There is a network of top level people using, abusing, murdering children worldwide.

    Boys for sale & ‘jimmy savile and the 9th Circle’ show how this shit has been around for decades and how children are being used across the globe.

    People need to be up in arms every time they see a situation like this, because ten times worse is happening in the shadows to more young people than we care to admit.

    • All true. This situation is nothing more than a smokescreen for some of the even sicker, and disturbing shit that goes on with the higher ups in the industry. These people all protect each other, because one domino that falls could bring down them all. But the domino’s are going to be toppled anyways with the massive pedophile bust in Washington, and the as this system and country collapses. Any society that cannot protect it’s children and women deserves to fall.

  6. I’m so confused ? So she came on to say she wasn’t a hostage and then pretty much said she was a hostage. Lol??? Man wtf? What is she going to do when she turn 30 and R Kelly get a new stable? She gone need her family. Lol

      • Youthfulness seems more important to him.

        Because his ex-wife was more on the beauty in the eye of the beholder side.

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