Watch R. Kelly Walks Off Interview When Asked About Sex With Underage Girls

    R.Kelly continues to deny allegations that he’s running a sex cult, surrounding himself with young women. Some women others are claiming are being held against their will.

    R.Kelly claims the parents are just making this stuff up and lying. However, there is video of R.Kelly being questioned about it awhile back and you can tell something is definitely going on.

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    1. The arrogance displayed was overwhelming and I can see a young girl being intimidated by him. A mature experienced woman would go off on him and wouldn’t give him the time of day.

      • I think she did well, she handled him good. She never back down and made it clear to him she don’t need his love or compliments. Lol

    2. The black race will not survive unless the black woman is educated, healthy and in a loving environment. Any black man who abuses women must be castrated and completely cut off from the black community. R Kelly has abused over a dozen black women and under age black girls. The real black men must find him, castrate him and throw him in the dumpster. We can not allow anybody to abuse our women; even if that person is a celebrity.

      • Real Men don’t speak about it, they BE ABOUT IT!

        Talk is CHEAP! So if that is what you truly believe be about your biz!

      • @NBA is fixed Black people don’t care about black people, and black women especially don’t care about black women. These same women ran to
        and supported Chris Brown when he beat Rihanna, and these same women were willing to turn the other cheek even while there was physical evidence of R Kelly in the ACT.
        Until we start to collectively rise up and put a stop to this madness, hold each other accountable, and at least be willing to boycott these people and turn our backs to them,
        nothing will ever change.

    3. Quote from Malcolm X, “The media is the most powerful entity on Earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power because they control the minds of the masses.”

      Once again the white owned mainstream media is using their multi billion dollar resources to destroy a powerful black male celebrity. Unlike the accusations and cases against the late Michael Jackson and boule Bill, there is video proof that R Kelly sexually abused underage girls. I can not defend R Kelly. That man is a devilish pervert. He needs to be castrated.

      • Bill said what he did OUT OF HIS OWN MOUTH ON TAPE, MORON so there is PROOF!

        I really wish you would shut the fuck up.

        You go back and forth talking about the media, when if none of the dudes you mentioned were not involved in questionable behavior to begin with they would not be in the news for anything other than their celebrity!

    4. She looked like she was about to square up or run when he stood up. That girl interviewing ain’t crazy!!! She just not ghetto!!

      RKelly could nevah pimp me out of a piece of Bubble Gum, he sings for a living? When I was in my early 20’s on vacation in Miami, he invited us to his VIP table at a club, we took his wrist bands, bottle and then dipped to some NFL players table. Any man that sings, dance or raps is lame to me. I’d rather a dude that play a sport or pick up trash, work at a bank, oil refinery or security, but a singer HELL NO!!! That’s not a real mans job! Only Chris Brown just figured out how to put some type of twist to the shyt. But RKelly no sir!!!!

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