R.Kelly Accused of Holding Women Hostage In Sex Cult

r kelly cult

Former members of R. Kelly’s inner circle are accusing him of running a sex cult in Chicago and Atlanta.

Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones, and Asante McGee spoke to Buzzfeed about the six women who are locked up in the singer’s houses. The women are of legal age (this time), and they’re forced to call Kelly “daddy,” are told what to eat, how to dress, when to bathe, when to sleep, and how to engage in the sexual encounters that he films and shares with his friends.

The singer also controls the women’s social media activity and doesn’t allow them to have cell phones. They have to stay in their assigned rooms, and cannot contact their friends and family.

A 19-year-old girl Kelly was spotted with is allegedly one of the women who’s being held hostage. Her parents now have the FBI involved to get the girl back home.

“It was as if she was brainwashed. [She] looked like a prisoner — it was horrible. I hugged her and hugged her. But she just kept saying she’s in love and [Kelly] is the one who cares for her. I don’t know what to do. I hope that if I get her back, I can get her treatment for victims of cults. They can reprogram her. But I wish I could have stopped it from happening.”

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  1. I still don’t get how he made that sextape with the underage girl he pissed on and still wasn’t tried! He must have did something really good for the people that control the industry because that’s a rarity and especially for him to be a black man! He better watch it tho he gets one of them mad and he going down worst than Cosby.

  2. I am not condoning this, but there are whites who do worse.

    I have heard of women who have to drink their “master’s” excrement. Eat from dog bowls and are rationed an apple or some real minute amount of food. They have to screw animals and anyone else the dude chooses, sleep on the floor or in cages etc…etc..

    So if that is the life these women choose what can you do? Just a fuckin’ mess…smdh.

    • Yes there is. And other blacks, and mexicans and asains. But we are not speaking about them in this conversation. We are speaking on R kelly. Why is it that u just cant let it be. If this person which the topic is about took a L, let him take his L. Not try to move the topic on someone or something else. Now i know u got love for all in your culture but fuck, come on.

      • Like I said NO ONE IS CONDONING THE BEHAVIOR…pointing out how perverse society is should never be a problem.

        Especially when people want to act like this shit is not happening in their neighborhood when it is!

      • NAH. When the “others” get their turn in the media, niggas is silent. And that REALLY is the point. Shit rubs me the wrong way like a mother sticking up for her husband when he’s verbally abusive to the children.

        “It’s about you now…”

        “But when is it EVER about him” 😐

  3. Yes you are right there are white celebrities who do worse. X-Men director Bryan Singer and hollywood moguls Gary Goodard and Jeffrey Epstein have been accused of raping under age children. Those stories were quickly covered up by mainstream media.

    P.S. Jeffrey Epstein is friends with former president Bill Clinton

  4. Stop supporting this predator pedophile. Men like this in the black community need to be dealt with! So many older men in the black community who go after young girls. When I was 14, I had men in their late 30’s after me and they knew my age and did not give a damn. Shits disgusting! You even have older male family members abusing the little girls in their family. This needs to stop!

    • You are right Mystique. They are abusing girls & boys. And yes, it must be stopped.

  5. ^^^^ Mystique I agree with you 100%. R Kelly is a sick Fuck! Let us not pretend that white people aren’t doing the same shit. At least the women in this incident are over the age of 18. Pisses me off that mainstream media is going after R Kelly but they defended X-Men director Bryan Singer.

    • How about telling black men to STOP doing shit for any one to have to “go after”…if you want to play the white man’s game, be prepared for the backlash and the consequences!

      We already know they aren’t “going after” their own, because every single one of them would have to be locked under the jail!

      • NAH. Black men ARE playing the white man’s game and being thrown in jail for it (aside from Kellz and Cosby).

        I’m not getting your point at all and you kind of made the point that was against yours.

        You sound like a white person telling black people to keep they nose clean and they won’t get shot at by the police, MEAN while, white heffer bitch nose thumb deep in coke with an open bottle on the front seat.

        If that’s the game you willing to play, then you SLAVE-ISH.

        • You really need to STFU and stay out of convos you were not a part of.

          You just make yourself look more stupid than you already are.

    • Besides this MF already got off once, he should be keeping his nose clean so if ass gets handed to him this time so be it.

  6. I just saw that documentary Open Secret and it made me sick to my stomach. All of those pedophiles are still working in Hollywood.

    • I’m glad you watched An Open Secret Rosewood. Now you see why hollywood blackballed that documentary. The entertainment industry is one of the most disgusting, devilish places on earth.

  7. If these were white women he was “holding hostage,” the cavalry woulda been swept in to “save” them all and R Kelly’s ass would be under the jail.

  8. Y the fuck r these stupid azz women still fucking with this creepy azz pedophile smdh damn fools

  9. Sad part bout r Kelly he never need under age girl to satisfy him.he could have had any grown woman in and out the industry but I guess young women are easier to control which is sad cause these young women should have more sense and morals for themselves.I gave up on supportin him years ago round the time Aaliyah was 16 hint hint….

  10. Can’t drink till 21 but considered an adult to have sex at 18 and sometimes younger. There are books out by his former employees about how he has always procured under 18 girls. What I hate is how many parents ‘gave’/’give’ their kids away for a promise of stardom.

    • Some of these were prob underage when he started messing with them. I mean if one of these is just 19, who knows when he really started messing with her.

      The sad part is you don’t have to sell your children, just leave them in the company of the wrong person and most people never pick up on what is really going on.

  11. Just sad that this sick man keep preying in these simple minded young women.. He doesn’t want a woman, because he couldn’t do all that BS to her,.The younger they are the easier they are to influence, train etc.

  12. R Kelly said he needed Heaven to “Give him a hug” but he continues to indulge in the devil’s debauchery. No more chances, no more excuses, the black community must sever ties with R Kelly immediately!

  13. I have a question, who are the dumb ass parents that allowed their daughters to meet R Kelly?

    • The majority of parents don’t know what their teenagers are doing, too busy working or after a certain age figure they can’t control them anyway so really just don’t give a fuck.

    • But let’s keep the onus where it lies.

      This man among many, many, many others need to be put down.

      As all rapist, murders and child/ underage predators should be.

  14. Not just R Kelly, but damn near the entire industry. Rapper Kurupt, Dr Dre, Birdman, LA Reid, the list goes on and on. Look up pizzagate, and the pedophile sex rings in hollywood.

    • You know Pizzagate was bullshit right?! Quickly debunked. Kelly is obvs a perv, as to topic at hand

      • Check out ‘boys for sale’ a 1981 documentary &/or ‘jimmy savile and the 9th Circle’ and see how this stuff works, both are on youtube…

  15. Black people don’t give a shit about each other, so why should anyone else. Black
    women don’t even give a shit about each other. Look at how quick they are to judge
    each other, and be at each others throats over a difference in opinion? Black women have a
    long history of caping for predators in the community at the expense of their children,and
    especially their female children. Who were the ones who rallied, and threw their support behind this sick
    bastard, even while there was actually physical evidence of this man committing his act on a sreen? Black women.
    Also people really need to look into, and investigate pizzagate, and the podesta email. There a lot of alluding
    to the pedophile rings that a lot of higher ups in Hollywood are connected to. It also looks like the domino’s are finally beginning to fall, and the elites
    are taking out the first layer of their protection- the boule.

    And quit using the excuse of “White celebrities do it too” as a way to deflect” from the crimes of these black celebrities. ALL of them need to be held accountable for their crimes against the innocent.

  16. Everyone keep saying these girls are all of age, but keep in mind that they may be purposely leaving out the fact of how long these girls were there in his custody.

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