R. Kelly Secretly Engaged to a Teenager?

r kelly engaged halle calhoun

Looks like R. Kelly is back to his old pervy ways…or maybe his old pervy ways never left…either way, the singer is reportedly dating a much younger girl…a 19-year-old girl to be exact, and Kelly just turned 49 this year…

Over the past few weeks he has been spending a lot of time with his new girlfriend, Halle Calhoun. They met during the singer’s tour stop in North Carolina and they have been “inseparable” ever since.

Now The Jasmine Brand is claiming they have gotten engaged! Kells moves fast doesn’t he?!

The couple was spotted in Atlanta over the weekend walking hand-in-hand, but Halle was NOT wearing her engagement ring at the time.




This will be Kells’ third marriage.


  1. Well at least he's dating a woman his own age LOL Yeah she's young, but she's over 18, and chose to hook up with him. Though honestly it's beyond my comprehension as to why anyone would want to hook up with his burnt out, busted, worn out, old ass molester uncle look ass nigga. Even more beyond my comprehension as to why black people still support his shit.

  2. r kelly has a lot of shit to answer for this dude has a problem but the black community will suppport him because of his music and that should give him pass. 90% of hollywood like that r kelly daugher is a product of his evil doings

    • black community will suppport him not only because of his music but also because he is black

    • i recently sold my entire 500 CD collection and digitalized all my music. I sold my CDs at the flea market. AND GUESS WHO BOUGHT MY KELS COLLECTION???


      take several seats haters

  3. And fools will still support this bum azz chester-molester.

    The girl prolly a victim of molestation herself.

  4. To all you f*ckers who keep hollering the black community supports him…who the f*ck are you to speak for ALL of the black community?

    Do not speak for the entire black community because obviously not everyone supports this gutter trash.

    Fuck you all and the stagecoaches you rode in on…who supports him is the criminal justice system for not throwing his dirty, grimy, child-molesting ass in prison fr what he did….

    • Anyone that supports RKelly is a f*cking pedophile no matter what your race is…

    • Seems like I hit a nerve, didn't I? If a lot of the folks in the black community didn't support him, why do they keep buying his shit? Especially black women, who continue to make excuses for his, and many others f*cked up behavior. Better yet bitch, here's a video showing the audience of people who attended a show he flunked out on-

      • Bitch go fck the horse attached to the stage coach, you rode in on.

        Since you cannot read I said ALL the f*ckers…but glad to see you know who and what you are you f*cking trash bag.

        • Glad to know I hit that proverbial nerve. Also good to know you have no counter arguement, given what I presented. Stage coaches are only for lowly, broke bitches like yourself. Most of us are classy enough to drive CARS.

          • LMAO thank you for showing how dumb you REALLY are. You are the lamest, most ignorant self-hating BITCH on here…there is no nerve to hit dumpster baby…lol

            You are the dog shit on the bottom of a shoe…stomping all over you is pure FUN…you are a f*cking joke…lol.

            • You sure look like you're having the time of your life. I really make your day huh? I am your life.

              • Try again more like I am yourz for you to HAVE to comment on and keep coming back to my post…dumb bitch.

    • should all of black africa and the black caribbean and all their dirty citizens be banished from the world and forced to stay in their homelands where satan rules and there is no such thing as child molestation and sex with children is WHAT THEY ALL DO???

      Rape is not even a crime in most of those places. Around the time RKelly was singing about, move your body like a snake, and other caribbean type songs that sex tape came out.

      If it was really him, he likely did it in foreign lands where it IS NOT A CRIME TO HAVE SEX WITH CHILDREN.

      • You are a f*cking idiot…he molested the AMERICAN black child in HIS FUCKING HOME…YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCKER.

          • Truth? Bitch you would not know truth if it were Kelley's dick slapping you in the face…and no I just know how to read to get a story instead of dreaming up dumb ass, hate-filled delusional scenarios to justify my crazy…and when I say my I mean yourz in case you do not understand syntax, which I am more than 100% certain you don't.

      • No, when he molested the 15 year old back in 99-2000, it happened at his home. The same one that was shown on MTV cribs about a year or two later. And by the way, just because rape, and child rape/pedophilia in those african/carribean countries isn't made illegal, doesn't make it less wrong. Violating another person is violating another person and should be a severely punishable offense regardless.

        • The white man been raping and moldering blk children raping boys man and woman I never hear you worthless bitches go after him or call him out like you do kelly stfu and wash your stink cunt and bitch get a job ! !

        • only a caribbean or african would think it is LESS wrong if molestation occurs in their homelands, but it is part of their evil cultures which they brought with them.

          • Shut up already…You are SO boring. " I hate Caribbeans and Africans" sez the whiny bitch (That's you). Yawn. So predictable. Please do us all a favor and snuff it.

        • Not only have WHITE people especially WHITE men been sleeping with and raping WHITE boys and girls since forever their WHITE RACE has been supporting them forever and they love Selling and watching Children porn! Anytime you lock up a drug dealer for 40 years but let out a child predator and molester in 7 years then allow said child molesters to reside 2 miles away from an elementary school, then you know the justice system is highly questionable! If anything happens you DESERVE everything you get! AND GUESS what happened? A little WHITE girl ended up missing in one area but they couldn't find her or her body! So they had no evidence. Low and behold, 6 months later, another little WHITE girl went missing, of course all hell broke loose! They started asking more questions then, to make a long story short….IT WAS HIM! HE RAPED AND KILLED BOTH OF THOSE LITTLE GIRLS! NASTY PATHETIC JERK! NOW, not only are they the most perverted, nasty, evil, satanic, demonic, insane,psychopathic,greedy and hateful race, they commit the MOST HEINOUS CRIMES! FYI: Just some quick info, so you can understand more about how this world is going, go look up: Canada Beastiality-how they made some of it legal! No joke…. and Go look up Colorado- how they are not allowed to use the name Jesus but the Satanism is taking over there! My point is…..White people are the one's who are in charge of ALL OF THIS! THEY are Satan's people! Mark my words! You know lobbying for this stuff! Nor id we lobby for prayer to be taken out of school!

          • No one outlawed Jesus. That only applies to state and Federally funded events and usage. One is free to peak of Jesus in their private life all day long every day. And I am sure that you do. And that's fine, but don't make me have to listen to it.

  5. I definitely fell back on how much I supported r kelly by: not going to any concerts nor buying his music. However, if I'm in a club/party and his song is playing, I may 2 step, just a little bit.

    In regards to this article, I think it's disgust for this 19 year old to be with this 50 year old man. She has her life to live. Why be tied down and married? This is not the 50's. She can accomplish much more than being some old perverts eye candy.

    • if she is NOT A VIRGIN, at 19 you are of legal age and a fully grown woman. Every girl her age should be so lucky to have a rich old husband to take care of them. she looks like a golddigger though and that would make Kels the victim.

    • She's 19, give her a while of being with him, she'll dry out like a prune…or maybe not if he pisses on her like he did that 14 year old.

  6. Chester the molester strikes again! I was done with R. Kelly years ago…I saw the tape, and I balled like a baby when I realized that it was him! Parents, protect your children! It looks like her stankin momma sold her out! How the hell, are you gonna take your teen daughter to a R.Kelly concert, and then allow her to give up her personal info, and then eventually sleep with the Mofo?…Most women today are disgusting, momma is gonna get some too trust!….R.Kelly is one of those mentally challenged, slow ninjas, that will never mature intellectually, or psychologically, to be able to conversate or mentally stimulate a woman of substance or intelligence! A young equally simple minded woman will suffice, because she's just as dumb, and under developed spiritually! This is her so-called momma's pimp game, and her pimp hand is strong! Prostitution isn't that complex to understand! ?This is what happens, when we don't destroy these sex offenders! There is no cure for this type of sickness. They have to put down!?????

    • Stfu if he offered you some of his lifestyle you'd say f*ck everything and drink his golden shower too !

          • If he was so freakish with these young girls why did they parents allow him around without them being present ? … Guess When you stop handing out money it suddenly becomes molestation!

            • do U know how many freaky women over 40 would love to have a golden shower LOL some girls start earlier LOL piss? cum? its all just bodily fluids, NOT POISON

      • @ who evers whining about a singing pederast, that doesn't even know you're alive!??? You're a sorry ass nigga! I'm sure that you've raped before, you self hating coon! One Black Bitch, your mama did you wrong, and now we all support white rapists! Get your life together ASAP! R.Kelly ain't relevant enough for all this heat your giving, damn fool!

  7. His time has come and gone! He had some good sounds just like most musical geniuses in spite of their mental illness. I read a book about him when he was younger and he was doing too much allegedly trolling places where high school girls hang out. What is up with the long ass facial pubic hair beards that so many black men have decided to grow these days! Looks just nasty to me.

    • Lmao!…you're absolutely correct! Most of those beards are just as unkept, and unclean as some of the men that rock them! Most Black people don't shine with that soul-glow anymore! Now when you see a ninja shine, its a monkey shine! A Flava Flav, Steve Harvey, type of fried chicken greasy, kind of shine, that makes you itch, and break out! These entertainment negroes are like a BP oil spill, and mofos are just sliding, and falling for their shit!?????Most of the good brothers ,and sisters were killed off. There are only a few of us left baby! beards are the closest thing to manhood, most of these brothers are going to experience! Sorry to say!

    • his time is NOT gone as long as he is a man who loves women enough to sing the greatest love songs we crave. that's how I know he is NOT guilty. a man who hates and disrespects women doesn't sit around making songs about them if it is not his life experience. He worships women.

      all men piss on women one way or another – cum or piss it's all bodily fluids that wont kill U LOL

      • That's all it is Ms Frannie . Just thing that come out our bodies .. Not like he lets his parrot piss in hookahs mouth and films it .. And if the parents weren't so desperate to sell the own children soul for fame you won't have to worry .. And believe sweety … In that shady industry what r kell did was sprinkle a lil his and pre cum… . Compared to letting a sheep f*ck you in the ass and swallows its come surround by mask men in Thomas Jefferson apparel ! … Next day she woulda been a in 5 top rated movies back to back !

        • truer words were never spoken. educate these fools Gud. that sh8t u outlined made me want to throw up and i'm no lightweight n the sex dept. LOL

          I guess these simpletons are doing a 1, 2, I'M OUT KIND OF SEX lol

          No parent or woman Kels f8cked complained. Only some revenge, cause he didn't make her a star chick. That's how I know he is innocent.

          pure racism, and thirst for rich black man money by legal community, are the ONLY reasons they put him through that hideous trial.

          racism at its worse. damn shame kels couldn't sue.

          • Confirmed Ms Frannie , it was to embarrass him and shame him All done by no other than bubble gum Gayhova it was his introduction into the Masonic order but it back fired cuz the parents all gave approval to kells knowing his rap sheet or whatever they knew and still allowed it that ho Sparkle tried to come up off that too but to no prevail!

  8. This nigga makes music strictly for you in appreciated bitches and you turn on him cause he likes his p*ssy tenderoni-ish .. The f*ck does his personal life and who f*cks got to do with you … You love Frank Ocean and he swallow more Dick than a lil bit !

    • frank ocean LOL LOL u have some good comments. all women still love kels. he packed a huge stadium in my town just a month ago during the week

      • I will try to come and visit but damn I post for the first time a broke queers from bl was a attack a nigga ! I'm only stating my opinion f*ck her shit her word ain't Gud God !

    • @gud god! Like I said nigga, you're obviously a fan! And that's fine!….One stank hoe, that did you wrong in life, most likely your mother,okay! Got you all hot, bothered, and irate! You sound stupid, what normal person gives a child rapist a pass! I know you f*ck with lil girls, or have raped before! You can't even write a coherent sentence, without, bitch, bitch, p*ssy, p*ssy, cunt, etc. etc.! You're obviously criminally insane! Like I said don't hate faggot! Just do you until somebody blows youth mutha f*cking brains out! Its all shits and giggles until your babies vagina is tortured, and she's objectified! And by the way, GED classes are free for People that are on SNAP, I suggest you utilize it, before Trump shuts it down nigga!????? I got a whole lot of get right, for you belligerent, no child left behind, low functioning, fuctard, ass nigga! Now!

      • if a 14 year old girl let's a man piss on her and she doesn't get her big azz up and run and say, I'M GOING TO TELL MY MAMA. SHE IS NOT BEING RAPED. AND SHE IS NO VIRGIN.

        Just 50 years ago, 14 year olds were marrying and having lots of babies. So your grandpa and every generation before him were child molesters

        the ONLY REASON WHITE WOMEN MADE IT AGAINST THE LAW TO FUCK TEENAGERS is because their old wrinkled white dried up puzzies weren't getting any action.


          • Gud, RKelly is one of the few rich ninjas in hollywood who knows the best vaginas are on black and brown women.

            All these years white women been lying to white men that there dycks R 2 little, when the truth is, WHITE PUZZY IS 2 DAMN BIG!

            A white woman will pass every kind of crazy law 2 tricmen N 2 mating with their huge vaginas. They say, she cant be:

            black, 2 white men
            she has 2 B a certain age
            on and on. they R some desperate bishes. They might B behind all this anti-Kels crap because they cant fool him N 2 dating them LOL

            May 30, 2016: A new medical study entitled “Comparison of vaginal shapes in Afro-American, Caucasian and Hispanic women as seen with Vinyl Polysiloxane Casting,” set out to determine which race of women has the tightest vaginas. The results were not what many expected.

            According to preliminary findings, African-American women have the tightest, followed by Hispanic, and then Caucasian women.

            The study called for a full vinyl polysiloxane casts of the vagina to be obtained from the subjects – 23 African-American, 39 Caucasian and 15 Hispanic women. The casts were taken in lying, sitting and standing positions.

            Here is now the study was described:

            Analyses of cast and introital measurements revealed: (1) posterior cast length is significantly longer, anterior cast length is significantly shorter and cast width is significantly larger in Hispanics than in the other two groups and (2) the Caucasian introitus is significantly greater than that of the Afro-American subject.

            The shape of the vagina also varies from woman to woman and can be categorized as parallel sides, conical, heart, slug and pumpkin seed [21,23]. When compared among races, the pumpkin seed shape was found to be specific to African-American women [23].

            To me, the most interesting data compared vaginal shapes among 23 African-American, 39 Caucasian, and 15 Hispanic women. The researchers found that the Hispanic ladies’ vaginas were wider overall, longer in the back, and shorter in the front than the vaginas of the other women. The study also noted that the Caucasian women had a much larger vaginal opening than did the African American women.

            So basically, Caucasian women tend to have longer vaginas at the front of the body (anterior), shorter at the rear. Hispanics tend to have larger overall width (what you would term tightness) with the shortest length. African women tend overall to have the smallest width (tightest).

  9. You loved Prince and his music and his whole life he was sing and f*cking men .. Hypocrite ass heffas stfu ! One thing has jackshit to do with the other lames !

      • Right on right on … His music even referenced his sexuality and straight ppl love him and his acts are forbidden ! But I put that aside loved his music !

      • He can piss on all of the women he wants, the female in question, was 12 at the time, you stupid f*ck! Everybody, and their mama saw that tape in the nineties. His own brother corroborated the story, as well as others! Children are off limits! Your either a complete idiot, a pederast, or both! I'm leaning toward both! What a f*cking moron!✌✌✌✌ That moment when you realize how much you hate the fleshy viruses, called humanity! ???

        • You don't see no dick or piss unless you walking your stink mutt … Who would waste Gud champagne piss on a project ho like yourself … You another ol bitter bitch single with a sour p*ssy in all that heat go to the pool and drown your self your nappy headed burnt donut bitch !

          • What's even more sad is you really one of them sellout hoes who suck a white Dick and say yessa boss we sick !?? You go hard after your own kind and never look at the condition blk were put in promote the dashiki bullshit in here fake ass heffa! The white dick you wrapped your crusty lips on is the reason we have a folks in our race who been breed to conduct these filthy acts… Now sit your narrow blk monkey ass next to your Massa feet and beg for some chitterlings !

          • champagne piss? LOL

            nappy headed burnt donut bitch LOL LOL LMAO

            If U R not a comedian, get on that stage! LOL

    • @gud god you don't know who I love and support, you tired, attention craved Nigglet! You're entitled to your opinion as am I, but you're obviously a fan! I also wouldn't let a negroe, rich or otherwise, urinate on me! I would never sell my children out to a known creep for pay, maybe you would! Judging by your comments, you're actually one of the hypersensitive, over emotional, celebrity worshipping 99%'rs that I speak of! Your a worthless, useless eater, that's so enamored with shiny things, you'll sell your own newborn! Your primitive, and that's your business! Just like my business is mine! If you like it ninja, I love it! But don't mistake me for a fool, I know a when I'm up against a single cell amoeba, and I got sum get right for that ass! Now go to sleep idiot!

      • BrooklynQueenof the bum bitch save it your the attention whore… Call me a fan I changed how I treat blk women because of the message in his songs appreciated blk women …. Loved them made babies with his music , you ol jealous cunt don't no nigga want to shit on you even if theyhad to mud butt your ugly ass ape face ! Go find you another nigga to f*ck with cuz I ain't the one … I only recall telling you to shut the f*ck up with your long ass boring articles ho !

    • You really could have kept that non-news to yourself and if you are going to call out one call all them bitches out i.e. elvis, jerry lee lewis, polanski, woody allen, jimmy page etc etc…

  10. Well,…. at least she's of legal age, where all the frigging uproar when other people are doing much worst, in this country & others, I love the man's music, I don't know him personally so I can't phantom why he does the things he do, but….he so call obsession with people much younger then himself, can stem from him, being abused as an adolescent, I.E.. Why he never acts his age,…….

  11. There are the typical raped jailbird fatherless crybabies on here with multiple personalities also known as sock puppets talking and commenting to themselves.

    Kelly is a pervert and who has protected him the most is black males!! black males did not say shit when he was with a Aalilayh! Men are the protectors of the culture not women.

    Punk ass men support this molester and simp mammy women support him.

    • oh stfu bitch … Yeah you not the only one with multiple personalities you f*cking witch !

    • Alliyah WOULD BE ALIVE RIGHT NOW IF SHE HAD BEEN MARRIED TO KELS. Kels give life to women and waters them daily LOL


        • @Gud you ought to like "frannie" cause that is one of your multiples. It's so clear to tell you're GHETTO and UNEDUCATED since you're so dumb you don't know how to make your 'characters' different'… BUSTED!!! Why is it you and "frannie' and "anon" are all dick riding each other? CAUSE YOU'RE THE SAME LAME SIMP.

          Do better with your fake personalities, you are so f*cking lame.

          • Whatever Brooklyn bum bitch …. We know you in here with multiples .. I don't need but one to clown you and your unwashed and stale gutter vag, you ol bitch !

            • Why are you lying? You & I both know you have more than one handle on this site OriginalwoMAn…lol.

  12. @thissamesimplemindedshit^^^^^ You are one to talk dumb bitch #2…you have at least three personalities of your own roaming all over this site.

    Come up with some new insults your shit is wacker than that BS vin dick suck dwayne johnson (no alias needed) beef.

    And this has nothing to do with the indignantly ignant nig…being discussed on this thread because he will be roasting soon enough…this is all about your dumbass redundant comments.

  13. Kelly sings like an angel it's like when he sings all the women and their daughters are ready to give their bodies to him and say kelly please urinate on me with your heavenly golden shower oh kelly spray me with your love juices

    • you are so right cc !
      just because the devil poses as an angel most people are dumb enough for not recognizing a wolf wearing a sheep costume !

      • you stupid. kels brings nothing but joy. no woman has been beat or killed by his hands. only loved. no lie from the pit of hell will change that.

        • He does it was a female who said listen the R. Album / cd she said you will learn how we feel … I bought that shit changed my whole out look I started to see my. Blk Queeens as more a Conquest or fat ass big titties I seen her soul and felt her pain I changed from then on !

          • when dumb negroes vote FOR 4 MORE YEARS OF THE SAME SH8T WE DEALING WITH NOW, WHITE women will officially have their leader in place.

            She might pass a law saying that its against the law to touch any puzzy under 75 years of age LOL

        • Thats a lie! Just google what his ex wife Andrea said about him
          Did u also know he is allegedly bisexual too?
          Just google his brother's comments about him

  14. I only have one R Kelly song on my iTunes. I'll listen to him on the radio though. I saw him perform once in the UK (back in 94 -I think). Such a shame that he is a beast but then they all are.

  15. He's doing all this and being with all those other girls he lives with when he needs to be getting his life right with God. Its already been prophesied that he's going to die. He needs to repent and turn from his wicked ways. Not judging him but sounding the alarm.

    • so the rest of us going to live 4ever. only kels is going to die??? u r officially a crazy hater who should be taken to the back and roughed up LOL

  16. looooooooolll if this ain't some of the best comments I've read in a while lolololol
    the best shit on this site are the ppl commenting I SWEAR

  17. did anybody r kelly cookie video where he is showing you he is apart of the masonic order r kelly is high mason

  18. I hope some of you all recognize that Gud God id the famous HSK troll asshole from the past known then as Glok9. And yes, he spends all day talking to himself through his sock puppets.

    He doesn't love women, he hates women. The words he used when he speaks of females proves what a misogynist f*ck he is.

  19. REALEST– penultimate version of a person/place/thing's actuality

    REALIST– someone who prefers to look at the unadorned truth of a situation

    Goddamit, I blame Plies for this f*ckery, with his "realist nigga in the game" bullshit. Are you, Plies? Are you really the realist nigga in the game. So you're saying you're the one nigga in the game who looks at things truthfully. Is that what you are???? If not, then stop f*cking spelling it 'ist'. It's "EST" not "IST" people, stop this shit.

  20. Can we talk about these white directors and producers getting into these little boys booty holes for a second though?

    The shit’s disgusting and it does warrant some comparison as they are the cats signing the dudes we talking about’s pay checks lol

    on the real…

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