Troy Ave Sues Over Deadly TI Concert Shooting

troy ave shot ti concert

Remember when rapper Troy Ave got shot in the leg backstage at T.I.’s concert back in May? Troy was later spotted on camera and identified as one of the shooters that left his best friend and bodyguard B$B Banga dead. It was later determined Troy’s weapon was not the gun that killed B$B. He is out on bail but still facing gun charges.

Troy is now suing the venue, Irving Plaza in Manhattan, as well as their owner, Live Nation, for negligence.

According to the lawsuit, Troy blames the Plaza’s security for allowing guns inside the venue. The rapper says his career are now tarnished because of the events that happened that night.

Wait… how is he going to sue the venue for allowing guns inside if he is one of the idiots who brought a gun in? This don’t make no kind of sense…


  1. It will get tossed, after all, he would then have to sue himself as a co-defendant.

    He is definitely goin' down on that gun charge tho.

  2. He didn't bring a gun in he wrestled the gun from the guy who shot him in the leg. The footage is all on YouTube he might have a case here.

  3. Glad he is suing. He might get a fine for bringing in a gun. Would a carry law allow him to bring it in? He didn't intend to use it. I just can't be bothered with these venues that shoot up places. How can I enjoy myself when people all around me are packing pistols and trigger happy. I didn't pay to go to war. I will listen to the 'music' on my computer.

  4. Let's not forget a lady sued McDonalds because she brought coffee and got burned. He may have a case.

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