Tyrese Responds to The Rock’s “Fast 8” Rant

    tyrese the rock fast 8

    After The Rock went off on Monday and bashed one of his “Fast 8” male co-stars for being unprofessional, everyone assumed he was talking about Tyrese. But the R&B singer wants everyone to know, he’s not the man behind The Rock’s rant!

    Tyrese cleared his name by posting a video of The Rock and his daughter, along with a long essay. Tyrese says he has no idea who The Rock was referring to, but it isn’t him. He also points the finger at the press and media for trying to blow this situation up.

    tyrese the rock fast 8 beef

    Now sources are reporting that the real “candy azz” in this situation is Vin Diesel.

    The Rock and Vin had a disagreement during production. Vin, who is an executive producer on the film, has made decisions that The Rock doesn’t agree with, and this has caused the two of them to bump heads.

    Tyrese has since deleted his Instagram post.

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    1. He should have just said who it was in the first place to call them out. Well this is some bullshit.

    2. Mr ty only a hit dog will holler and you just proved my point about you you are a woman that can't shut up sorry but I still think you are the biggest diva on all your movie sets people talk and I hear it's your turn to play ball so your better Play the game right.

    3. It's Vin Diesel all right. He is not well liked by anyone he works with. He is the opposite in real life of what his screen image is.

      • No, he is another one of those mixed race, mixed up in the head, take it out on everybody else people. Having no sense of self + no self love makes you a psychotic freak.

          • Yeah because his dad was around…he knows who he is, to a degree…and fyi I did not say all mixed people…but more than not are usually f*cked up in the head.

    4. Uuuuugh! The fast and furious franchise sucks ass! Although its successful, it still sucks ass! It's an over rated, corny, lazy, silly, body of work! It has no substance, just like most of the actors in the movie! The only one that I liked was Paul Walker, that's because his movies roles had substance! Running scared, is my favorite! Tyrese is an arrogant little turd, as is Vin "homo" Diesel…The Rock tries to act humble, but we all know that he's really not! I'm pretty sure that he needs to take a little something to calm down his roid rage! Lmao! If you can't already tell, I can't stand most people!??

    5. He couldn't resist putting his two cents out there could he?Nobody mentioned his name so why say anything at all.

    6. dwayne johnson and tyreese are both fags anyway dwayne johnson used to be patt patterson sex toy durning his wrestling days just like shawn micheals. the rock is just like everyone else he gets down with them gay producers despite him acting so tough

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