Joseline Hernandez Granted Restraining Order Against Tommie Lee

joseline hernandez tommie lee restraining order

Yet another Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member has been hit with a restraining order.

Joseline Hernandez claims she was walking to a store in Atlanta when her co-star, Tommie Lee, tried to run her over three times and she also threatened to hire some goons to shoot Joseline in the face!

Joseline, fearing for her life, requested a restraining order, and the judge agreed. Tommie is now forced to stay at least 500 yards away from the Baddest Puta.

Tommie’s restraining order might be the least of her worries. She’s also facing a DUI charge even though she claims she’s innocent and the police roughed her up during her arrest for no reason.

In case you forgot, Stevie J also has a restraining order on Joseline after she insinuated that he and his father were child molesters.

What a mess.


  1. This drag queen is fearing for his life is hilarious Like I said drag queens are very entertaining.

    • Hold up! She is not a drag queen. She is 100℅ all female! I have actually saw her person myself. There are a couple of reasons as to why she did the restraining order. 1) Remember on the Season 3 reunion where her and Stevie J was fighting? Mona told all cast members that any altercations were to happen since that day they were be terminated. 2) She is pregnant. She can't get Tommie back how the way she would like to. 3) Stevie doesn't have a restraining order on Joseliné because if he did , it would show up on public records! So with that being said, Stevie needs to sit his ass down and Tommie needs to be locked up in a psych ward.

      • @ DaRadiant, Joseline is scared as hell of Tommie. Tommie's bat sht crazy and Joseline knows it. Tommie had her SHOOK.

    • Whatever…. The Puerto Rican princess ran into a crazier bitch than her… A blk mamba !

  2. That is 100% drag queen baby you mad because I'm talking about your man. Let me break this game down to you that is an unclockable post op drag queen. Unclockable means a male to female trans that can convince you that they are female. They can blend in real slick but I'm not buying it. I can't believe you and many others are falling for this deception because when you look at the bigger picture almost everything you see on TV is about gay and transgender people. So people need to wake up and stop being cattle sheep walking talking zombies that is the masses.

  3. If she turns out to be a he, I will not be shocked. There are many others who aint claiming their biological gender cause it's a secret.

  4. Jose is a man and black people got no damn gaydar. As a Nother commented he is and unclog couple trans but he is a man if not you'd see the birth certificate if not you'd see the DNA results that show he is a biological woman he doesn't do that because he's not face facts.

  5. Correction he is and unclockable trans. That vagina that he showed in his naked pictures that is a man-made vagina. You can't fool me I know my trans's and have for a long time.

  6. Shenellica brought all this on herself. No sympathy. Her fallout with K is going to be epic.

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