Lisa Marie Presley Addicted to Drugs & Booze, Checks Into Rehab

lisa marie presley rehab

Michael Jackson’s ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, has checked into rehab to battle addictions to alcohol, painkillers and other drugs.

Lisa recently parted ways with her fourth husband, Michael Lockwood, after ten years of marriage. Following the split, she secretly entered The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles – a facility frequently used by the rich and famous. Treatment costs $400,000 a month!!

“Lisa Marie just fell off the wagon over the past couple of years and needed serious help in getting her life back on track again,”

Lisa’s marriage was said to be one filled with verbal abuse, so she was “self-medicating to deal with her pain.”

“Michael was verbally insulting and, pals say, would fat-shame and belittle Lisa Marie. They had knock-down, drag-out fights that left Lisa Marie feeling as if he’d pummeled her.”


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      • Brooklyn Queen: You have bad information. Priscilla Beaulieu Presley, Lisa's mother, was 14 when Elvis brought her to Memphis from Germany. She lived at went to high school in Memphis and remained a "technical" virgin until they married in Las Vegas at the age of 21. I say technical because they did everything but have intercourse.
        She had Lisa 9 months to the day from their wedding. As soon as she birthed Lisa, Elvis would never have sex with her again. She represented motherhood to him, and he had major mommy issues.
        I used to work at Graceland in the summers when I was in high school so that's how I know this stuff. I am not a big Elvis fan-it was just a job.

        • Preciate the FACTS Anon , kids today dont do the research man…they are not like we were in looking for REAL FACTS about the celebrities we used to love so much.

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  1. No offense Sasha, but I'm calling bullshit on the $400,000 a month cost for the rehab facility.

    Nearly half a million a month for an inpatient luxury clinic? Um, no. Even the best of the places in Malibu run about 2 grand per day. So let's assume that this is the best of the best and multiply that cost by 5. That would make it 10 grand per day or 300 K per month. And that's a bit of a reach.

    You could book a group of suites at The Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel an bring in your own private doctor and nurses for less than 400K a month. And it would be quite luxurious and more enjoyable.

  2. Rehab never works because once the controlled environment is over – reality returns and the old habits do too. Poor little rich girl. WTF secrets does she hold?

  3. I thought Scientology cured addicts well chaka Khan thought so too just like Xenu Failed to cure travolta I swear Tom cruise IU s letting us down maybe he's not as godlike as he says

    • Chris, Lisa left Scientology which majorly pissed off her mother. She was always a bit of a druggie, but when her kids were growing up she kept it very low key and quiet.

  4. Yeah but she was doing interviews like crazy talking bad about Michael now look like Michael Jackson was saying look at the man in the mirror but when you talk smack whack about somebody else you talking about yourself never I'm never liked this fake phony person anyway she's so irrelevant anyway Lisa Marie Presley so what's in a do so what's in the dark will come to the light ? ??

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