Malia Obama Caught on Video Smoking Weed!

    malia obama smoking weed

    Malia Obama has some explaining to do! The First Daughter was caught on video smoking weed during Bryson Tiller’s performance at Lollapalooza.

    A concertgoer captured Malia on video, and she says she took one hit and gave it back to a guy standing behind her.

    “You could smell the marijuana smoke. I saw some young guy hand her a cigarette and she took at least one hit on it. She had it in her hand for about one minute, then gave it back to him.”

    Peep the video:

    She was also recorded getting her life when the singer went on stage.

    At least the 18-year-old waited until the end of her dad’s presidency to wild out, right?

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      • Just so you know, I have an acquaintance in the Secret Service. He isn't on security detail, he is part of the money laundering force in S. Florida. But he does know the procedures and training and he says that the security detail, no matter who they are covering, is instructed to not interfere in what their subject is doing EVEN IF IT IS ILLEGAL. If they were watching someone steal an item at CVS, they would do nothing. If they are shadowing Clinton while he is sexually harassing some chick, they do nothing. When Hillary threw that lamp at Bill that knocked him out(after she learned that the Monica story was about to break) they did nothing but call his physician to come asap.
        So there is no way that they would interfere with Malia just being a typical teenager, even if she may have bent the law a bit.

        • I DO NOT believe that smoking drugs is part of a normal Christian girls teenage life today.


    1. Light it up girl light it up lol. She's just a kid enjoying herself, and trying some new things for the first time. Michael Phelps smoke him a lil bit of mary jay, and he wins Olympic gold medals. No one ever wants to talk about Bush's whore daughters and their sleezy asses.

      • yeah, all blacks should do every low thing that they see whites do because they are the God we worship.

        all that talk about following Jesus and the Bible is just some BS that negroes pretend to believe in.

        many negroes are imitating serial and babykillers because the worse white man is a ROLE MODEL for pathetic dirty negroes to imitate.

        We know.
        U R PATHETIC!

          • HA!! Best reply EVAH!!!

            I swear before gawd that Frannie is the most racist black woman on the planet.

            Hates Islanders(of which I am one) and a whole bunch of other groups. And it's not just Jamaicans…it's any islanders. What the hell happened to you woman?

            • STFU fool. Millions and millions of black americans have found your foreign black azz out. You only come here to steal, kill and destroy our black american community. YOU BEEN SERVED! step on back to voodoo land.

          • Have you ever thought about the fact that old azz dumb negroes encouraged us to vote for obama because he and his family are good role models LOL LOL

            role models for what?
            promoting and encouraging our black men to be gay
            promoting and encouraging drug use
            promoting and encouraging everyone to disrespect black life and mourning the loss of white life

            THAT'S WHAT HE DID!! If you dont know that, you're so damn full of the drugs he promoted, YOU ARE BRAIN DAMAGED AND NOT ABLE TO KNOW THE TRUTH WHEN YOU HEAR IT.

            • Frannie chill out !
              "promoting and encouraging our black men to be gay
              promoting and encouraging drug use" -> the whole mankind is encouraged to do so not just the blacks
              "promoting and encouraging everyone to disrespect black life and mourning the loss of white life" -> where the hell is the white lives matter demonstrations bankrolled by the jhew Soros each and everytime an unarmed white gets killed by a non white cop ?

              As long as you are self centered you will miss the big picture : the whole mankind is on the verge of a massive extinction…
              Till then TPTB are keeping the "divide and conquer" strategy to prevent mankind from uniting and fighting back

              • soooo i'm supposed to believe that every race of boys are killing each other over drugs, and shooting up 50 or more people EVERY weekend like in black chicago?

                why is your president on tv mourning and grieving over only gays and white kids gettn shot up once a year and says nothing about chicago EVERY week shootups???

                keep drinking the obama koolaid and keep smokn his dope and die.

      • MLK didn't die so that we could be judged on THE CONTENT OF OUR CHARACTER. Everyone knows that.



    2. Not saying this is OK because it's not that's on her and I see where they are going with this on his way out. But look at all the other ones before her Bush kids do crack Trump kids do Meth and Ms Clinton daughter does everything under the sun so they really need to stop this

      • and i know a 17 year old white girl who has screwed 100 men already. since she is white every black girl should follow her example, afterall that is who we should strive to do




    3. Media been waiting for this. It's the image she wants to create cause I would be running from cameras not giving them something to talk about!

    4. No, drug use isn't ok, regardless what race.
      She needs to set a better example, 18 or not. She's not an average teen. She's not a Kardashian, she's the president's kid.

    5. I ain't mad at her; I just think she and all young folks gotta be careful. It ain't your daddy's weed, literally cuz Obama liked to get nice.

      Everything is too dangerous now, even cigarettes are worse than they use to be.

      Just get a six pack andor some good ol' rum and coke.

      • Alcohol is worse on the body than weed. I would rather light up than drink up. I don't see the problem. Isn't it legal in some states? It is potentially a $35B a year industry after all.

        • do u really believe that a young girl can be intoxicated out of her mind and not engage in wild illicit sex with any beast that crosses her path?

          look at the white girl sly smile. she probably set the fool up to be photographed. serves obama right for making that crap legal.


          there are nice kids to hang out with, but look who she chose.

          • You just love throwing random NOT TRUE shit out in the wind.

            For you to be a so-called christian you should know better than anyone how powerful words are and you really should choose YOURS more carefully.

            Obama did not legalize shit…marijuana is NOT federally legal. It is only legal in states where the people who live their voted to make it legal, and if the feds ever choose to raid those places all those operations would be shut the f*ck down…dumbass.

            • dumbass? U talking out of both sides of your homoAzz obama loves so much.

              On one hand you acknowledge that the Obama Federal govt has the authority to override State laws and shut down pot, and on the other hand you're saying the States have the power and obama govt has nothing to do with it..




              • You do not even realize how stupid you sound…go back to first grade because you do not even know the basics of how the gov't works…you f*cking retard.

        • Your statement is true… about 10 years ago. Not the weed out here today Scorpiess. Most of it is chemical goobledegook and putting people in hospitals

          • If you were allowed to grow your own strain it would be better. I would still rather be a smoker / stoner than an alcoholic. Oh, I do miss it.

          • and wisdom speaks. but since her father promoted it and approved it for the entire country, maybe this is God's way of righting that wrong.

    6. Sooooo what! This is just a ploy to destroy all positive images of so-called Black role models!…young children, and the babies in the future won't have one uncompromised, positive, Black role model..It's all being done by design! Every Black person on TV has some type of scandal, or is a sexual deviant of some kind, hypersexual, effeminate men, masculine women, coons, fence straddling integrationists, uncle Toms, Aunt Tomasina's, love everybody, were all mixed ass ninja's, or the proverbial athlete…We're being inundated with a bunch of weak, cowardly, based, Boule wanna be white, you should be ashamed to be "Black" ass ninja's! The Obama's are no different! Do you think it's an accident, that the black presidents daughter is shown twerking, and smoking?? Chile, I've never twerked a day in my life, because it's beneath me! As the daughter of the president, you don't think that her mom sat her down and told her the do's and don'ts??? Shit I gave my childrern the run down before we went to the store! Come on now! Black people stay losing! For a race of people that takes pride in having some of the best ballers, we sure do drop the ball perpetually! Uuuuuugh!

      • She smokes to foret that her "dad" is gay and her "mom" is a TS…
        Even her secret agent bodyguard won't tell her where and when she and her sister were adopted…

        • yes there are articles to prove that "michelle" is a man think about there are no pictures of "her" giving her birth or prove of giving birth "michelle real name is micheal robinson joan rivers told the truth man and died for it.

            • Stephen I am surprised that you are taking the George Soros created propaganda as fact. This is what saddens me the most about those stupid YouTube conspiracy theory sites. Many of them are white funded by Soros and his ilk to obfuscate and confuse gullible black folk. And damn if it doesn't work too.
              Obama was not a regular customer of Mans Country in Chicago. I have a gay friend in his 50s in Chicago who frequents the place and knows all the gay movers and shakers in Chiraq. He said that Obama was never a part of any public gay activities in the 90s and 2000s. And he Knew the gay dudes who mysteriously were killed from the POTUS's church too.

              All of this bullshit was invented to defame Obama and make black people lose respect for him. Same with the "Michelle is a man" crap which is too crazy to even dignify with a response. You go on those sites and take the words of a bunch of white dudes rather than think well of a man who has a good reputation and a woman who has redefined what a classy First Lady is.

              Black folks are the most disloyal fukkers on earth…always looking for dirt and a reason to hate on those who have risen to the top/

              It's shameful and it's sad. But George Soros would be proud of you.

              • obama has not done anything for black people niggas in chciacgo still suffering when they do something for blacks it's always an agenda behind it slander his reputation please man kill that noise obama called "michelle" micheal at a press conference obama haas signed laws to put you in fema camps and he's gonna do it . i mean no disrespect towards you if comes off that im sorry

                • You can hate them all you want, but if your bitch ass were in office you would have done the same thing or you would have been dead, that man has no power, he has to listen to what they tell him to do to….all of the "presidents" do…all that shit is bigger than him, you, everyone…in the end whatever is going to or not going to happen does not depend on any "man's" will so you can stop with the slanderous shit…it is overrated & underwhelming.

          • I didn't want to buy into the 'Manchelle' rumours but … but … there is reason to be suspicious I think. Obama sure dies love gays and trannies so …

          • and she died quickly after she dropped that bomb… she fought that being a joowish would prevent her from such assassination, she obviously forgot that even her kind has rules and a hierarchy…

            • That is the funny shit EVER written on here…because it is a pot calling a kettle…well everyone else on here knows the rest is, but I would not be surprised if you don't….LOL.

        • lol He sure loves the gays. And no one ever knew of him being with any woman before he got with Michelle. I think he was in his 30s before he met her.

      • Everybody is twerking these days. It's the hypersexualization of the youth–Black White, Asian , Indian, etc. We got some real pedophiles and pederasts in high places and they like to get their porn for free. Also the agenda is not just for black people. It's seems that there is a joy in building up the youth and then pulling the wool from under them. Role models inflated than destroyed, images, lifestyles and beliefs that break boundaries, exposure to heinous shit, contradictory messages in music, media and culture, etc. It's designed to make them jaded, cynical, and unsure of what to believe in so that as they get older they don't know right from wrong, good from bad, up from down. The goal is to create a generation that is easily deceived and morally and spiritually corrupt. If you think it's just Blacks you're wrong. This is world wide, Baby. And they won't stop until they f*ck up all your kids and grandkids…Thank goodness there is a Lord in Heaven and this won't go on for ever.

    7. Ohhhhh… there's a movie about her parent's coming out on August 26th. That's WHY THIS IS HAPPENING NOW. Word is this isn't her first rodeo but it's conveniently the first time she's been caught on camera & the footage sent straight to the media.

      • nobody is going to go to that stupid azz movie but they will do anything to get attention and to make a buck. even disgrace their own daughter apparently. sick!

    8. That was rather stupid of her she is not a regular 18-year-old elite black girl she is the daughter of the leader of the free world! Time and a place for everything if you want to blaze up behind closed doors you think she wouldn't be able to do that behind closed doors! Plus somebody could've dosed or poisoned that weed she smoking that was very stupid of her.

      I don't care what the little white girls do it's different for black women and girls and everybody knows it she needs to be more undercover.

    9. Maaaaannnnnn I call bull shit, these kids have been under lock and key for his whole term now we are suppose to believe that she is out in public getting high?!?! (O_o!) I have seen handicap grocery carts protected better. And the response from the President…..Uhmmmm….Crickets!!!!

      I wouldn't be at all surprised if marijuana is legalized by the end of his term. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

        • Of course since the drug trafficking is carried out by the secret services since the mid 60's, the drug cartels are merely employees… And when a drug cartel is ripping off the secret services over the money owned to them, well the cartel gets a serious beatdown…

    10. lol. Poor thing, cant get away with notjing.. lol

      she just having fun, she will grow out of it in a few years.

    11. Lol it's not that big of a deal. She's just letting her hair down, having a bit of fun and just doing a little experimenting. There's a lot of other famous children(ie. paris hilton, kim kardashian, kylie) who are far more deserving of being thrown underneath the bus.

      • I see no big deal here either. Many young kids smoke a little weed – especially at concerts. If she had been chasing the dragon I'd raise my eyebrows but for a lil bit of 'medical' ? I'm not gonna worry.

    12. If the bush twins can get drunk and party if Clinton can get head and JFK and his brothers can wife swap if reagents daughter can grow I'm glad I don't live by white standards

    13. I am white and I think the Obamas are the best thing that ever happened to this country. They have raised two beautiful girls who have had to live their lives in the spotlight. How awful that would be for teenage girls. If Malia wants to fit in with her crowd of fast little racy white girls you can't blame her.
      You remember how it was back when you just wanted to fit in. And for heavens sake, it is weed we are talking about/ not street drugs or alcohol. Like someone said, weed will be legal with a couple of years everywhere, and it'a already legal in DC/
      Other president's kids have had DUIs and gotten into messes way worse than this.

      One thing I can't stand to see is when black folks are held to higher standards of behavior than white people. When was the last time someone asked me, "do your actions make you a credit to your race?" It was never.

        • Of course it is. That is why he went AWOL for his yearly military physical when he was a pilot in the reserves in Alabama. He knew he would test positive for blow.
          His daddy GHWB had to move heaven and earth to get rid of the records which showed him going AWOL. Otherwise, Dubya could have never run for president.


    14. Look, Imma say this. She is a grown woman. Let Malia do Malia! Hell, it's her life! If she wants to have fun, let her have some fun! Let this young lady live!

    15. Malia Obama has powerful connections! She can do whatever she pleases, and still rise to the top! She is going to be used for,whatever the government chooses to use her for..Even it its to lower black mor-al… Her pappy ain't about shit, so why do you'll think that she'll be any different??? All Black's in power are a plague, and the Black chump ass minions of society, that serve them ain't shit!

      • ditto to that BrooklynQueen

        However, I wouldn't call her powerful. Nixon was impeached. Clinton was raked over the coals and Kennedy was killed and Reagen was shot. They were a lot more powerful than this black girl.

        • @Frannie I never called her powerful, homes! I said that she has powerful "connections"! Comprehension is key, okay! Ain't none of you negroes powerful, that's why your on here with me talking shit! Black faces are just for show! They're in place, to make it apoear as if the blood sucking racists in power, have embraced, and accepted integration! When you and I both know they haven't!????????? your an annoying troll!

        • @anon4:37 I couldn't possibly pull negroes down, cause I'm not in the barrel with you!…..Your basic ass is at the bottom of the barrel complaining, wondering why no one gives a f*ck about you! Your the black sticky shit at the bottom of the barrel! ????

      • BK you are a black crab. Keep on pulling Negros down. It's what you are programmed to do.

        • the president daughter is a fool smoking weed with Lord knows what kind of poison in it in front of the whole world, and BK is pulling us down???? get your mental ill checkup please.

          • STFU and GTFOOH, you self-hating, diseased negro. All you do all day long is bash your own, an original housenigga. I will call a spade a spade. If you don't like it, too bad. I'll get my islander friends to put the fix on you! LOL! Who the hell are you to judge anything, you hateful wretch? If Malia takes a puff, do you think it really brings the race down? You don't' even know that you are just some basic programmed beyotch. And by the way, I think you meant "illness" not "ill", halfwit. I'll come out of the institution long enough to spit in your face and shit down your throat. Don't try me, lightweight!

        • @anon4:37 you sound real stoopid, just like most negroes! Just because Malia has a brown face, she's your people? I'm bringing the black race down, by stating well documented facts, and opinions? If I could bring down a whole race of people with a few sentences, then damn it, they deserve to be brought down!???Obama ain't shit! He did nothing for anyone except the 1% elites, and the homosexuals, okay Dummy! This negroe and his alleged he she wife are murders! Demonicrats, Obama's voters, and now you silly nigglets want to bow down to Hitlary's half dead ass! Niggas are a laughing stock, all over the world, because most of you only believe what you see on TV, and what a white Personya! You're too retarded to do your own research, and too lazy and indignant to care! Fuck you, you anonymous fuctard! ?????? A turd for a turd! ✌

    16. Leave her alone! It can't be easy to find out that your dad is an A class coon who sold his people out. She's just having fun, like she's supposed to at that age.

      • That is disrespectful and unfair. He did not sell his people out on any scale.

        He is the President of the United States, not the President of African Americans. He represents and promotes the platform of the Democratic Party. Gay rights and women's rights are at the top of the list of that platform. You may not like that, so you probably are not a Democrat.

        You can't pick and choose what parts of the Democrat agenda you like. You accept the good with the bad, and you live with it or you should vote for another candidate.
        Republicans are none to fond of gays and lesbians. They are also none too fond of allocating huge sums of money for benefiting the poor and disenfranchised. Like I aid, yo take the good with the bad.

        • damn shame a REPUBLICAN ABRAHAM LINCOLN freed your dumb azz and took a bullet for doing it

          the ONLY reason dumb negroes turned democrat is because Kennedy made MLK promise 2 deliver him black votes for getting him out of jail in Alabama. WE PAID THAT DEBT 40 YEARS AGO. We owe democrats NOTHING!

          • Frannie, Spoken just like a house nigga, giving a white man credit for "saving" us from a disgusting system that his kin created. Last I heard, Lincoln tried to free Negros the same reason–he wanted the black vote for his party. Lincoln was shot and killed for other reasons but you are so simple, I'll let you continue to believe what you do. Republicans are still up to the same tricks now. Read up on history and stop being led before you quote bullshit out your ass, donkeyshit.

    17. If Malia Obama is smoking weed, I bet my next paycheck she is f*cking somebody!

    18. One of Malia Obama’s so called “White friends” recorded Malia smoking weed and sold the recording to the tabloids. WOW!

      • Duh dumbass.

        You can see the bitch in front of her holding the camera and snapping the pic.

    19. I'm worried for Malia Obama. Today she is smoking weed. Tomorrow she may graduate to Rihanna. After that she could graduate to Maia Campbell (Yeah I said it). Weed is a gateway drug.

      • Sadly if she did go on to-lets say begin snorting coke. I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised. Coke and Washington go hand in hand :/

      • SHUT UP chris!!!

        No b fan here but some of the shit you say is just plain stupid.

        • Duh!!!!!!! that is why his name is crazychris,
          but he be spitting some knowledge the majority of the time
          I bet he spit more knowledge then u 😉

          • Fuck YOU too…I said STUPID NOT CRAZY dumbass…and since you do not know what the f*ck I say and when I say it you have no idea what kind of knowledge I drop, BITCH!

        • Leave Crazy Chris alone! He s 1 the posters who have been on this blog for more then 5 years

          Nobody bothers him so we aint gonna start now!

      • @Crazy Chris! You said it! I agree! Your comments are straight to the point, and Troll free! ?????? I got your back! ???????? Get off my niggas case!??????

    20. She's headed to Harvard. I don't see any problem with this.

      She's 18, of course she'll smoke weed, drink, try freakier sex, and possibly experiment with other substances.

      Everything is good as long as she doesn't marry or date whites.

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