TI Slams Shady Business Partner After His Restaurant Gets Evicted!

ti scales 925 restaruant sued

Grand opening, grand closing…

TI’s Atlanta restaurant, Scales 925, was just served with an eviction notice by the sheriffs department. The landlord went on WSBTV and said the rapper hadn’t paid his rent in months. In fact, he owes over $1 million in payments!

After news broke, TI took to his Instagram, not to deny the eviction, but to blast his business partner Charles Hughes.

TI says Charles is no longer associated with him, and going into business with him was a huge mistake!

ti scales evicted

In case you forgot, several Scales 925 employees filed a lawsuit in July claiming TI and Charles stiffed them on their wages.

Scales 925 first opened in May 2015.


  1. We'll all be damned on that one. Evicted? First, wasn't it the employees weren't getting paid? Now the whole business has been evicted? Something sure is wrong with this picture.

  2. T I is full of shit! A business partner is just that, a "partner", which means you're equally responsible for all of the dealings that were agreed upon! Like I said before T I doesn't have any real business acumen! All he does is sign contracts, and let the powers that be do the rest! That's why they're always hustling… It's someone else's idea, they're just the name, and face that's used! I guarantee his partner is as scapegoat, T I is a slick talking Negroe!

    • Agree with you totally…
      TI has forgotten one tiny thing about life : grow up in order a responsible adult..Dodging responsibilities is for kids…
      I guess rappers can help themselves to be retards blaming the others for their own mistakes…

  3. I think we all figured out that his restaurant was a scam from the beginning. I believe that it was a front for laundering money which came from the sales of guns and/or drugs. But I did not think that it would shut down. I thought it would be burned down.

    Who knows? Maybe it still will be.

  4. How you not pay your employees?…….. What are they?…….. Illegal?….. Because that's the only people I see that would go beyond 2weeks without getting paid….. WTF?

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