Posts Explicit Video of a ‘Queen Sugar’ Star

Now, even is leaking sex tapes!

The video appears to be from celebrity blog but it was on BET servers. The post has since been deleted. The video was of one of the #QueenSugar stars pleasuring himself.

It’s out thur… LINK:


  1. Not clicking the link due to being celibate for 11 years. Couldn’t handle the passion.

  2. BET and TV-One have never shown movies from Nigeria (Nollywood), why? Oh I almost forgot, BET and TV-One are owned by white people.

    • Umm, could it be that they want viewers so they can sell ad time? You may want to see Nigerian movies, but I doubt that the average BET watcher does.

      • The average BET watch don’t know what the f*** they wanna watch honestly. Whatever BET playing, that’s what they watching.

        And if the coon boy of the day co-signed Nigerian movies or a Nigerian girl was dating the it dude of the day, they’d show ’em.

        Let’s not act like the average BET viewer somehow has some “scaled” taste and does not “prefer” Nigerian movies.

        As if.

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