Alleged Hostage’s Father Tells R. Kelly, “I Dare You to Sue”

R. Kelly has been challenged to a courtroom showdown by the father of Joycelyn Savage. Joycelyn is alleged, by her parents, to be a hostage of Kelly, in some twisted “sex cult”.

Tim Savage was responding to the video published by TMZ, which featured his daughter, rebuffing her parents claims against Kelly.

TMZ reported:

“Joycelyn insists she is not being held against her will, and wants her family to stop contacting her. But Savage says the video proves his point … especially because Joycelyn would not say where she is currently.

In denying the allegations, Kelly’s camp said they would go after his accusers — but Savage says bring it on.”


  1. The pops need to realize that R.pedophile.Kelly has ‘protection’ from the elites. Obviously they know he grooming these girls into build-a-whores, but whats to say he aint sharing them with ppl in the industry. Illuminati hollywood love abusing children & sex w/them so R.Kelly really doing satans work.
    Why u think when they called 911 to do a welfare check on one of the girls, the house was empty? They be giving this pedophile the drop when they about to “investigate”. This sound like some Charles Manson shit real talk.

    • Also remember R.Kelly turned Aaliyah out @15 then she got passed around to everybody else (even when she was 15??????) then she was ready to become a ‘star’=blood sacrifice. R.Kelly is a minion of Lucifer & the lusts of his father he will do. Nasty azz nigguh BURN NEM

  2. This motherfucker is weak! Most black fathers would have a gun in his hand at R Kelly’s house waiting to shoot him.

  3. If these were white girls he wouldn’t have gotten away with this. Those demons in hollywierd probably told him you can do whatever you want to any girl as long as she’s not white.

  4. Her Dad should be ashamed. If my Dad was on the news about this, it would be in handcuffs. Her parents are terrible! First the Mom takes her 17 year old daughter to an RKelly concert, goes with her backstage to meet him and then is confused when she gets pimped out and the Dad on Tv pleading to RKelly to return his daughter instead of making RKelly return his daughter. Her parents weak AF

  5. Dad is supposed to be a protector! Mom should’ve never let her daughter meet RKelly knowing his past or even hearing of his past. Both parents take a serious L for this.

  6. Oh wait then they standing in front of his house. Lol ? omg if this were my family and they knew where he lived. R Kelly’s Songs would be #1 on iTunes right now.

  7. 12 Play, Your body’s calling, Age ain’t nothing but a number (Aaliyah’s album), Sex me, I like the crotch on you, Don’t you say no, Sex in the kitchen, PARENTS LISTEN TO THE LYRICS! STOP WORSHIPPING CELEBRITIES! R Kelly is a sick pedophile pervert. Most of R Kelly’s songs are directed towards under age girls. He is telling the world through his music that he likes to abuse little girls!

    If you allow your children to watch and listen to the satanic filth on television and the radio, your child may become hypnotized. In the cases of the Haughtons (Aaliyah’s family) and the Savages, their daughters were seduced, abused and pimped by R Kelly.

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