Prince Jackson Has Some Words for Y’all Hatin’ on His Grandpa!

prince jackson joe death

Prince Jackson recorded a video to slap the fire outta everyone who has negative things to say about his dead grandpa, Joe Jackson.


  1. Love that pic. Joe tried to do right by all his children. When he annulled his first marriage and got with the conniving homewrecker pregnant Katherine he fell into mistreatment of his children. She wanted to be a singer and likely encouraged him to take out his frustration on children and force them into show business.

    • Oh STFU and stop blaming EVERYTHING on katherine.

      He was a grown man who was a dick before he got with her and what he did is on HIM not her…no one made him beat his children and no one made him be a dick, those were all his own choices.

      Whatever she did/ did not do to protect her children she will have to answer for…but what HE Did is on Him.

      And stop using multiple handles to say the same thing over and over again. Deanna, Barbara, Frances, Cynthia and Sandra may all live in you, but you don’t need to use them all on here.

      • Just saw Latoya old interview where she talked about Joe getting into bed with her and Rebbie with freaky Katherine watching? so I can no longer support this evil couple. Youtube has the interview.

        • Like I said, whatever she did she will pay for…she didn’t make get into bed with his child if he did that…he was a grown man who made shit choices and is paying for every one of them now.

  2. God gave children 2 parents so that they could check each other. Katherine approved of everything Joe did. Good mothers protect children even from the mother. Janet learning the hard way.

  3. I’m sure Michael wouldn’t approve of that nasty mouth and YES Joe did abuse your father. Yes, Michael was his father just not biological.

    • That’s Mike Jackson son he even has vitaligo like his father. He has WHITE mother also Michael Jackson wasn’t not darkskin he was light brown skin look @ his young childhood pictures hell poppa Joe was light skin an mother Jackson light brown skin

    • Furthermore, why all the crass language? Say what you will about The Jacksons, but at least, especially back in the day, they always carried themselves with class. You’d never hear them talk like this. Prince, ‘Son of a King’, YOU HAVE FAILED YOUR FATHER. MJ carried himself w/class in public, even when he was high as a kite. And Prince, men w/INTEGRITY would not (allegedly) pimp out their children for stardom, nor would they molest their own kids. You have a long way to go; you’re young & dumb, & if you live to be older & by some miracle wiser, you will look back on this & be ashamed of yourself. You also just proved once again that you don’t really respect black ppl. So if your “grandfather” hadn’t disciplined your “father” & his siblings, they would’ve been in gangs or dead? You really have that little faith in them that they would have made something out of themselves w/o the harsh discipline? Dare I say, they might have turned out to be happier, better ppl. They are all actually quite talented, some are even intelligent. Just because they were black & poor, all their potential was to be in gangs or dead? Grow up son. Better yet, you & your annoying ass sister need to sit your fake Jackson asses down. You ought to be KICKED in your “nutsack” for being such a poser. Bet yo wigga wannabe ass can’t even fight.

      • “fake Jackson asses…” ??? True that! The Rent-a-Children are sure enjoying that Jackson $$$ / community hi-jack money while they talk down to black people.

  4. White boi BYE! You talkin all the shit about Joe nutsack but bitch the gag is you aint come from neither one of his nuts, so fall all the way back. You livin off money from black excellence that dont rightfully belong to you. Your only lineage is white nasty trailer park bishes and the sperm bank employees..miss us with the bullshit. Sit the fuck back, be quiet and keep countin all the black people money that has been ignorantly given to you. Country fried bamma. AND Joe did abuse ur so called father. Michael Jackson said it himself so now u calling you “father” a liar? This boy dumb ass hell, but he still #2 on the list. White meth trailer park paris is still #1

    • Omgggggg that gag got me rollinnnnnnn lmfaooo he ain’t even from his nutsack!!!! Preach that! This little white ass boy lost his damn mind

    • Ditto stupid Michael reproduced with a racist so vile she won’t even touch her own children

      • Your statement would be true IF MJ was the kids’ bio father. All of those kids are biologically WHITE. Even blanket. No sperm of MJ’s was used. He ADOPTED all of those kids – the 1st two kids he adopted after he paid the horsewoman her fee-twice! and blanket looks mixed with Mexican and white. MJ’s doctor friend who used to give him drugs supplied the sperm for Prince. How do we know this? Cause this kid is his spitting image:

    • as much as i agree with you
      i cant help think that Michael had a great / legendary donor
      i just cant see he would have trailer trash x 2
      these kids must have some seed he paid for i would think
      all that money he had no way hes taking trailer trash on both sides
      and ive always wondered if the mother is the mother
      deffo aint his
      but could end up some major tea in a few years is what i thought
      hes hero /idol sperm , who he wanted to be id say
      he had the money to do what he wanted so why would he have trash kids when he didnt need too
      just my guess at it

      • Doubt it…he needed people he personally knew, who could be bought to keep his secrets…that is why he chose that beached whale and prob the doctor who was his friend & is now dead.

  5. It’s interesting how blended MJ brood appears to be with the rest of the family. I wonder what Quilt has to say about this.

  6. Stfu white boy,just like the comment above said your living off black wealth from a deceased self hater who didn’t want any black product of himself. Go find your real Grandpaw, Daddy and family. Sperm detour!

  7. That one comment really gave me pause…I wonder what would have happened if all of them had been brought up in a healthier nurturing environment???

    I have created this visual in my mind. They all have their natural features and completions but the kicker is the way Hollywood works would they still have been famous???

    I can say this, they all are beautiful and talented. Who says that you have to be rich and famous to be successful. I would have been happier to hear them perform at church every Sunday and have lead normal happy lives.


    But dont take my word for it…just read all the articles on here.

  8. Bye the way…I want to thank the person on here from way back when who said “why are all of you on here commenting on the Sabbth?”

    You have changed my life is ways that you cant imagine, welp, maybe you can. I just want to say Thank You, God Bless and Happy Sabbath!!!

    Signing off for sundown…???

  9. Michael tarnished his legacy. His nephew, Jaafar is the only one that looks the most like Michael and actually sounds like him when he sings. This Neanderthal test tube needs to stfu and be be happy that he’s part of a legacy that’s he’s not really a part of. Him and Paris both look and sound like they come from a trailer park.

  10. Mj Kids are so sweet.. he loves his PaPa. Michael was probably a cry baby or something who knows. But even if Joe J, was not a good Father, he obviously made it up by being a good PaPa because clearly his grandkids love him.

    Same story in most families. Y’all need to chill

    • Mj’s Kids are so sweet? Cussing at people , doing drugs in public etc? the youngest one looks depressed and mad at the same damn time and doesn’t even really talk. Just stfu cause u sound dumb. As someone said at the top This little bastard is basically saying “his father” lied about Joe abusing him. Michael was smooth even when people talked about him he never used vulgar language towards them he always carried himself with class. He wouldn’t approve of this

      • But they kids though!!! You never cussed? Girl you are legit possessed. Like you really are!!!

        I really feel bad for you. I don’t understand how you can be so mad all the time or how these boards make you this angry. I can see the frustration in your sentences. Guuuurrrll wth!!! Get a life!

      • Let me check if I’m talking to a demon or not cause this is ridic.. !!!


        Did that upset set you???if it did, you’re possessed!! Google John Ramirez and have him do a exorcism for you ??

        • Bitch STFU…the Demon here is you.

          Always talking out of your ass about shit you know nothing about, but swear you are right about everything…anyone who would listen to you has got to have several screws loose.

  11. Interesting that MJ would name his son Prince and it is known that Jackson did not get along with Mr. Prince Rogers Nelson.

  12. What about Joe’s secret son b howard by miki howard the one they tried to say was Michaels son

  13. Just imagine if Mike had kids and they inherited his voice

    Man regardless of mikes personal pedophile issues you can’t take away the fact that he had none of the best voices ever and that he made some of the best music ever

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