Phaedra Lied About Carlos King’s Involvement In Kandi’s Rape Rumor?

phaedra kandi carlos king

Andy Cohen of Bravo Tv stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about the bombshell that was dropped during The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.

Phaedra said the show’s former producer, Carlos King, fed her the information that Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker had plans to rape Porsha Williams.

“I don’t believe it and also I know Phaedra, and I know everyone in the group. You can’t tell them, ‘Go say this on camera…’ It just doesn’t work. You ever met a housewife? They do their own thing.”


Then he confirmed what Matt Jordan has been crying about all along. The husbands don’t get paid to be on the show, but their wives/girlfriends can cut them a check out of their own salary if they want.

“It’s a bad precedent to start paying the guys because the idea is, this is a show about women and their lives, and the guys come with it. They’re part of the package.”

Peep the interview:


  1. Phaedra is such a LIAR. No one talks about how she AND Apollo (both) lied (together) on Kenya and kept that storyline going for three years. Phaedra could have checked those texts and would have seen that her husband was lying…She knew he was. I hope he exposes her and she goes to PRISON.

  2. Andy/bravo are trying hard to cover their buts; to defame phaedra & make khandi shine; many people aren’t buying it (RHOA facebook page); & just like khandi has fans, so does phaedra, & the other ladies. No matter what happened, producers do create drama on these shows. Even Tamara Barney complained about fake drama on rhoc (2014 article on hollywood gossip). I did some research about the beginnings of this show; according to this article on hollywood reporter (2014), apparently bravo/scott dunlap pushed out kevin kaufman/patrick moses the developers of the show when it was only rhoc; so they wouldn’t have to pay the big bucks for them as producers; initially it was supposed to be split three ways with dunlap, kaufman, & moses; anyway, kaufman/moses sued; & not sure of the outcome. This show started out on shaky grounds. Just google “bravo’s housewives shows manufacture drama” & articles will come up about producers creating drama, staging fake scenes, secret tricks for drama either on the rhonj, rhoc, etc. Andy is lying. All of these women have either lied/exaggerated their personal lives: nene-her sister kendall sparks exposed her fakeness/messiness on youtube interview in 2013; khandi lied to andy about her never dipping in the lady pond during one of the reunions (when she had short hair & obviously she has); etc., etc. Yeah phaedra has done her stuff, so if you try to bring up fraud angela stanton, apollo debunked her claims in a may 2014 article in reality tea. These shows won’t last long, the viewership is shrinking. As i said on another post, phaedra got other media projects coming out, it may not seem big time, but it is something…..And in that order.

    • please phadera is a christian thot…which mother or woman dresses the way she does. Lies, deceit. which intellectual woman with everything going for her marries a man out of jail, a woman that is involve in criminal activity.. how are people so dumb. It’s about time they get rid of her. It is called entertainment idiot, if Phadera didn’t like the script or what producers was telling her to do, as a professional who knows the law, she should of refused but instead her jealousy and lies caught up to her. Don’t worry since you think she’s holy, that so called God she prays for will help her.

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